American Pirate Party

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American Pirate Party

Party-American Pirate Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation APP
Dissolved May 2010
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By United States Defense Party
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The American Pirate Party was formed to defend the freedom of the individual and foster a balanced democratic environment. The party existed only for couple of months before it was taken over and renamed as Republican Party where it changed name couple of times until in January 2010 finally become United States Defense Party.


To promote the growth of open and transparent political and civil discussion.

To promote non partisan politics for the betterment of America and the lives of Americans.

To bring fresh new ideas from both new players and old alike and welcome open debate.

To work for a more sustainable, forward thinking policy, to reduce reactionary measures.


The American Pirate Party supports military actions when they are needed for the defense of our territories and those of our allies, and frown upon unilateral action unless all political avenues have been exhausted. If there can be no political solution war should be waged on a total scale until such time as our opponents have been driven to the negotiating table.

Military Service In order to foster the growth of the citizens and strengthen USA, the government should sponsor to some extent all new citizens. A token supply of weapons and food would go a long way to establishing good rapport with the citizenry and guarantee more of them become regular members.


A central tenet of the American Pirate Party platform is the party's position on wellness and employment. All American citizens should be employed at fair salaries and should have achieved and can maintain high wellness. All new Americans should be helped to high wellness and educated on the best ways to stay there. It is in the best interests of the country and the employers that citizens have high wellness. Healthier workers produce more goods, make more money, and buy more goods. This helps all levels of the economy.

In short APP believed in a trickle up form of economics.


Income tax - The American Pirate Party believes the income tax should be as low as possible because this benefits the citizens. We do realize that times of national strife and stress may require the income tax be raised. Otherwise the income tax should be as low as possible.

Import Tax - Import taxes should be adjusted based on the demand and availability of materials. The import taxes on raw materials should be kept as low as is feasible as long as USA does not have a high region for that particular raw material.

It is really important to know the demand and the availability of particular products. If there is high demand and limited access within USA, the import tax must be kept low. However, if the demand is low and availability high, the import tax should reflect this.


Everyone has the right to a high quality hospital, therefore we encourage the State to build high-quality hospitals in more USA regions. Currently having only 3 Q5 hospitals is grossly insufficient for a nation of our size. This would also serve to discourage urbanization, which produces an imbalance in Congress.

We want all Americans to become involved in the New World. Both through articles and discussions. We want a civil political climate, instead of the partisan mudslinging that so often exists between the various parties. We all seek the same goal, a better USA, we just see different means to that end.

As a party we are probably the most beginner-friendly party in USA. Your opinion is more important in the American Pirate Pary than most anywhere else.

Party presidents

Month and Year Party President Votes Avatar Note
October 2009 Luscious Puddle 9 Citizen1943091.jpg
November 2009 Smoogy Lardface 7 Citizen1973778.jpg
December 2009 Dopie 22 Citizen1712164.jpg
January 2010 K-Ratz 14 Citizen2243271.jpg
February 2010 DeaconNorth 6 Citizen820092.jpg
March 2010 No candidate - DeaconNorth wins by default 0 Citizen820092.jpg
April 2010 Fuzzy00713 5 Citizen1395826.jpg
May 2010 Kyle Crathern (only candidate) 7 Unknown Person.jpg Party renamed to Republican Party