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Amun Nefer

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Nationality Flag-Israel.jpg Israeli
Date of birth 20 June, 2009
Date of death 2012
Residence Tel Aviv Center District, Israel
Sex Male
Married to Judean Princess
Newspaper eIsraeli American ExPat Post
Vice president (country) of South Africa
6 January 2010 – 5 February 2010
Served under Ines Schumacher
Succeeded by Ines Schumacher
Military rank Icon rank National Force.png National Force
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Amun Nefer was a citizen of Israel in The New World. He is known for being that guy on IRC who is in far too many rooms and is considered by some to be either an attention whore or a troll; both of which he is willing to accept. He is regarded by those in South Africa as being a PTOer, a title he is less willing to accept as it was mostly Exilious's fault anyway.

He is also known as being a rather dashing fellow - handsome really - who lives in New World with Judean Princess, his dearest friend and perennial gaming partner. Amun's last important roles included: Commander of The Irish Citizen Army - Israel and party president of the Israeli party, High Society. As well, he was the Dual Ambassador between Ireland and Israel.


Amun Nefer in V1

How the Hell did HE get here?

Amun Nefer came over to the New world by way of a friend who had linked eRepublik on some god-awful game called Ikariam, which he had, in turn, come to from another game called Nile Online where he got his start in-browser games and where he chose his name. He also recruited Merle Corey and Big Poppa Pump from the forums there.

Early Life

The early period of Amun Nefer's life is closely intertwined with that of Ajay Bruno. As a result, his story cannot be told without putting it into the context of what this most famous of villains was doing at the time.

Amun Nefer started out as most Americans do. He signed up and went to his home state of New York. He two-clicked for a short time before he ran into Ajay Bruno, a player who seemed friendly enough and had started about two months prior. Ajay had PMed him about joining the Conservative Victory Party run by that most gentlemanly of conservatives, Mattoze5. Amun was at that time decidedly liberal (naïve) and so he went ahead and joined. In a short while, Amun jumped on the anti-Ajay bandwagon. It didn't take long before Amun picked his first goal in eRepublik - trolling Ajay Bruno.

Now at this time, Amun Nefer was a weak troll, mediocre at best, poor at worst. However, as time went on, he learned and Ajay grew to dislike him intensely. He even fell in with Henry "Pfeiffer" Arundel for a short time before Ajay decided to pack up and leave for the greener shores of South Africa.

The South African Period

When Ajay decided to pack up for South Africa, many Muricans followed - Amun was no exception. In these the days before there was such a concept as citizenship, one could simply move people en masse to a country and PTO it. This was before the time that our Ajay came to rely on the aid of Serbians and so he had to use natives as well as newcomers like the later famous Dutch Marley to win support for his presidential and congressional campaigns.

After the initial South African xenophobia towards the new arrivals died down, the American exPats and the South Africans began to work together to stop Ajay. Amun became deeply involved in these efforts as well as South Africa's government.

After two or three unsuccessful runs for congress and Country President, Ajay Bruno was banned for the first time (of many) as a result of multiple account usage. Ajay went into hibernation only to return later as Pizza The Hut - an account used by his younger brother.

South Africa rejoiced and some of the Muricans returned home. Others decided to stay after having been exposed to the fun South African population. Amun Nefer was one of these people and in a short period of time he became one of South Africa's most influential citizens. Strong friendships were forged with people such as Oceanus and Enoch Root. But as the threat of Ajay faded, a new one arose.

Harvad University was a group of 888channers led by Exilious who came to eRepublik with the single goal of trolling anyone and everyone. They decided the best place for this would be the one African country and this was South Africa. Setting up many multis and troll articles very quickly, Harvad made sure to let everyone know they meant business. Hacking the South African Forums, various email accounts (Ines Schumacher's in particular), trolling eRepublik forums - nothing was spared. Amun Nefer was one of the people leading the futile effort against these villains in South Africa. After a while, Amun became much despised by Harvad as their efforts to hack his dox proved to be in vain.

Eventually, Harvad got bored of trolling and so did Amun. Two-clicking seemed to be the next step for our stalwart hero, but then a chance friendship happened that would change his Life (and his real life now that I think about it)

JudeanPrincess and Amun the PTOer

In March of 2010, Amun Nefer was bored with eRepublik. The game had outlived its use. However, for whatever reason, he decided to go to Israel's IRC and begin chatting with this Israeli girl he'd seen around who called herself Hufflepuff and then Judean Princess. Things had been cold between them before with her trolling him at times, but something had changed and the two hit it off instantly. After only two weeks of talking Amun and JP - as they came to be called - were talking to each other constantly and our hero was back in the game.

Amun was bored with South Africa and JP was fed up with Sadeh Badeh's iron-fisted rule in Israel; both were in need of a change of scenery. JP suggested that the two go to the Philippines where they might find a new experience.

The two arrived and became involved in politics after a short while, but the government disliked having non-Pinoy (as they called it) around. In short order, Amun and his companion were despised by cruelbear, Revilo_X and the ever-present Keegan Knoll. Jack Flufferton was also there, thus making things VERY uncomfortable (all those who remember him know what is being referred to here). After a month, conditions in the country became intolerable and the two left for Singapore to be with Whispering Elizabeth and Boethiah.

At first, all was well in Singapore. Amun and JP got on rather well with Boethian and Liz, and especially Nuriessa, but the trouble was brewing in the form of Relorian who, along with Thedark ace, plotted the downfall of Singapore. After fighting against Relorian's poison, Amun and JP had to leave. Though many places of refuge were offered, they settled on Amun's old home of South Africa.

Return to Phuzaland

After being cast out from two small countries, our duo decided that returning to the friendly land of South Africa was best. Their people knew the value of Amun's awesomeness and his hard work (when he felt like he could be arsed to do work).

Amun and JP were welcomed back into South Africa with much fanfare and cheer. Immediately, they went to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Oceanus and life was good. The two worked hard to make sure South Africa was represented well abroad. It didn't take long though until a jealous eye turned its gaze upon Judean Princess and Amun was honour-bound to white knight for her.

Ines Schumacher was the undisputed spiritual leader of South Africa and at first, was friendly with the two. When she gazed upon JP's face though, her words of sweetness turned to venom and she felt the need to bring real-life discussions up where they weren't necessary. Things began to turn ugly in #eSouth_Africa and one by one, the duo's friends began to desert them.

Departure from eRepublik

The final straw was when zamrg, new Country President of South Africa at the time decided to ban our dear Amun from his Cabinet. Amun had assisted the US government by betraying Ajay Bruno and helping avert his PTO at the time. For this Amun's behaviour was deemed cause for banning from the Cabinet.

Why did Amun count it as a betrayal? In the months following Ajay's first ban, Amun's feelings toward Ajay had mellowed and the person that was once an enemy became a friend. Why did Amun betray his friend? To this day, even he does not know, for loyalty is what matters most to our hero and this was one time when his own loyalty faltered.

The two sought sympathy from the public for this injustice and found some sympathetic ears. However, as time wore on, it became clear that Ines's pull over the innocent citizens of South Africa was too strong. Her words and those of her supporters became harsher and harsher and eventually, Amun and JP responded in kind with trolling. Their actions caused many of their enemies to quit, but sadly the game lost its flavour for them. Amun also became concerned about JP's RL studies and after a short time, banned her from playing the game, deeming it too distracting. With his only reason for still playing eRepublik gone, Amun's activity dropped off into two-clicking (partly as a result of Rising as well. One day he just didn't log on and forgot the New World all-together. Such was the end of our fellow's eRepublik story... or so it seemed.

Amun Nefer in V3

Return to eRepublik, and eLliyah

After a happy year and a half, Amun and JP were still the closest of friends, even though she was now in the real IDF. Amun noticed his friend was glum and lacked as much excitement as she used to have. He tried playing different games with her, but none made her feel like she was having fun. One fine morrow, she had an idea. The game where they had met, the game where they'd had so much fun; it was still there for them. The two agreed that it was time. Time to return to the New World.

JP got a new account and Amun resumed control over his famous Amun Nefer account. Saying hellos to everyone he knew took three weeks.

The two had to decide though: Where would be the best place to go? They looked and thought and eventually settled in Israel. Israel had once been the Kingdom of Sadeh Badeh, but had since been freed. It was now ready for change and our hero applied for citizenship, hoping to start anew.


As Amun and JP got integrated back into the game, they needed to find a new place. At first, Amun made sure to reacquaint himself with old friends. He got a particularly warm welcome from the members of the Irish Citizen Army, which was the strongest Military Unit in the British Isles. Perfect.Knight was going out of office after another term and the reign of ArikAharon was about to begin. After first asking around for votes, Arik gave Amun an ambassadorship to Ireland in lieu of a more substantial job.

Along with re-establishing himself politically, Amun had to take account of the fact that there were now Military Units in eRepublik. Of the ones in Israel, Negev looked the most appealing.



Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x11)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x8)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x4)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x2)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x41)
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Society Builder (x1)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x7)
Icon achievement EDEN on.gif
EDEN soldier* (x1)

Fun Facts

  • Amun Nefer is a history and archaeology student. Ask him about it if you seem him on IRC so that he may bore you to death.
  • Amun Nefer is an awesome cook and has a great love of Turkish food.
  • Amun Nefer was voted Best Troll in South Africa.
  • Amun Nefer has a bigger chicken than you.
  • Amun Nefer is the first prophet of Judeanism. Yes, you should join.
  • Amun Nefer is a great repository for secrets.