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Dead citizen

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Compenero victor jara.jpg
Nationality Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkish
National rank 73
Date of birth 18th of October
Date of death April 2009
Residence Cuyo, Argentina
Sex male
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant.png Sergeant
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Anarco77 was a citizen of Turkey.

Short Biography

Anarco77 was born in the Marmara of Turkey on 18th of November. He started his career as a politician in the party named PEP(People's Equality Party). He then founded the first Communist Party of Turkey. CPT first started as an illegal movement with the name of ML-TKP (Marxist-Leninist Communist Party) since the members did not have any gold to become legal. In a month, Anarco77 took over a dead party and named it the CPT. He was the president of CPT for a month then with a shocking decision the party dissolved itself and took the name DHC(People's Democratic Front) with more liberal ideas. Addition to his political life, he was also the editor of GELENEK(Tradition) in e Turkey until he moved to Argentine. He also wrote a column in the newspaper called Gercek Bilgi.


He served as the General Secretariat of PEP for one month. Following the party's unsuccessful attempt to change e Turkey, he founded ML-TKP. He served as the president of TKP for a month. He was also the president of DHC for a month until he gave his seat to a younger revolutionary ZurNaX. He was elected as a congressman in eTurkey from the region of Center District,Israel which probably was a reward for his political campaign for the minority conditions in e Turkey. In January 2009, DHC started a huge campaign against the ruling party MHC (which will be ABP in future) telling people that they were undemocratic and use fascistic ways.. As a result of the campaign, democracy and people's voice started to be heard in the congress and governmental buildings of e Turkey. Following a sad event, he left his duty as a congressman in Turkey and fled to Argentina. In Argentina, he joined the Bloque Socialista and was elected as a congressman.


Anarco77 was discovered dead by permanent banning on April 11, 2009.