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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-Italy.jpg Italian
Date of birth 9 May 2008
Date of death 2009
Residence Basilicata
Sex Male
Congress member of Austria
2 October 2008 – 1 November 2008
22 November, 2008 – 22 December, 2008
Minister of Defence of Austria
2 October 2008 – 1 November 2008
Military rank Icon rank Corporal*.png Corporal*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Andak was a citizen of Austria was born on the 9th of May, in Florence, Italy.

Early Life

In Florence he joined the NGI Coop Austria and worked for them in the NGI Housing company. He moved to Sacramento, CA to support his friend Danny Boodmann T. D. Lemon Novecento for the mayor elections. After Danny's victory, they created Eng Cane Group together with il marinaio. There he worked for his first company, Ponte S.P.A.

After he moved to Austria and started his political career.


In Italy he joined Aquila et Gladius, far right party. Once moved in the US, he joined ERepublikans for Change.
In Austria he joined Austrian International Movement. In October '08 he was congressman for Austria and held the Ministry of Defense.

He was named as one of the culprits who stole gold from Bank of Austria Our Treasury has been stolen. The other partner in crime was ex-president Danny Boodmann T. D. Lemon Nov.


He entered the Italian Army during Akira's government. After some time passed in the Private Forces, he joined the Corazzata Centauro, and fought in many parts of the world.