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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth 10 August 2008 (Day 260)
Date of death 2011
Newspaper Genki News
Party president of United Independents Party
16 January 2009 – 15 February 2009
Preceded by Justinious Mcwalburgson III
Succeeded by NoneSuch
Party president of Tequila Fitness Club
March 2009 – April 2009
Preceded by InfernoSD
Succeeded by Origineel.NL
Party president of the Ronin
January 2010 – Present
Mayor of Little Rock
21 September 2008 – 13 October 2008
Preceded by Vodalian
Congress member of USA
1 October 2008 – December 2008 (3 Terms)
Congress member of Japan
February 2009 – March 2010 (3 terms)
Vice president of Japan
March 2009 – April 2009 (2 terms consecutive)
Vice president of Japan
March 2010 – April 2010
Director of Ambassadorial Affairs of Japan
January 2010 – January 2010
Preceded by AltmerVampire
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan
January 2010 – February 2010
Preceded by AltmerVampire
Succeeded by Reiji Mitsurugi
Ambassador of USA
2008 – 2010
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Angrr is an early citizen of the New World; who began in Beta. He was born into Japan, but in early beta the country had such a small population, he quickly moved to United States of America, where he made a name for himself as a politician, a writer, a business owner, a Party President and a Congressman. He decided to leave USA at a time when he was being considered as a possible Vice President in the campaign by Scrabman, choosing to return to the country of his birth - the country that held his affections.

The beginning - America

After arriving in the USA, Angrr joined the Libertarian Party. Within a week though, feeling that he was not in the right place, Angrr did some research on the parties, and their leaders, and resigned his position in the Libertarian Party, joining the United Constitutionalists Party. This was largely due to their leader - Justinious.

Political Career - America

Angrr ran for Mayor in Little Rock, Arkansas, under the UCP in September 2008. His opponent made wild accusations of multi-accounting, which he later retracted, issuing an apology and dropping out of the race. Angrr was sorely disappointed that a rival would stoop to these tactics, but saw decided to continue, being elected and serving as the last ever Mayor of Arkansas.

In his time as Little Rocks Mayor, he raised cash with the help of local businessmen and associates, and installed Little Rocks first ever Hospital, which still stands to this day.

Later that same month, Angrr was elected to congress for the UCP, and served 3 successive terms. He was one of the most active and reliable congressmen during the beta-V1 transition, serving in the first 51-man congress too. In December, Angrr surprised many by refusing to run for congress.

He created a congressman-recommendation list which looked at all candidates and recommended the strongest candidate regardless of party and political affiliation. To keep it unbiased, he refrained from running.

This list met with a great reception, but the inability to vote for non-top-5 party candidates meant that a lot of the work was for nothing.


UIP logo - as created by Angrr.

Upon joining the UCP, Angrr was active in the party. He was appointed Journalist for the UCP, and quickly promoted to News Manager following well-received articles aimed at helping new members. Angrr took on more responsibility in the party, helping to redesign the forums and then move them to new forums, as well as helping UCP members new to the game.

His dedication to the party never wavered. He has always remained true to the UCP.

Angrr's dedication to the UCP saw an organization (UCP Inc) created along with a newspaper (UCP Bulletin) which made it possible for the party to communicate more effectively with its members.

Under Angrr's guidance, this organization also gained cash and gold through donations and opened a Q2 diamond company, and took control of a Q1 Gift company. These companies will be used for the benefit of the UCP, and be staffed by and run by UCP members.

Party Presidency

Angrr was elected as Party president of the United Constitutionalists Party on January 5th 2009.

He continued the work he had been doing, focusing upon quality over quantity, preferring an active party filled with the type of members who could make a difference to the nation rather than spamming recruitment messages.

Following the finalization of the party's Manifesto, he proposed a name change to better reflect the party's beliefs, and developed a new image to go along with it. Despite some discussion, the United Independents Party was the preferred choice.

Into Japan

TFC logo - also created by Angrr.

Upon his return to Japan, he quickly made an impact. As an experienced player and politician he used his experience to improve the nation, forcing the government to sit up and take notice. His enthusiasm and activity levels, and his commitment to make Japanese citizens get more involved soon paid dividends. The media began to fill up with more meaningful articles as he ran competitions and gave away prizes of gold to the winners. He helped to reform the Tequila Fitness Club with Origineel.NL and InfernoSD, rewriting a more apt mission statement and forcing change in the long-stagnated political landscape.

Angrr was recognised as someone who could assist the country. He was elected to congress weeks after arriving without any protest in a time when PTO's were stepping up a gear. He was named Vice President by Akki soon after, and became the driving force for change in Japan. Angrr tried to bring about the change required to get Japan moving but found himself hindered by a President who resisted change - preferring to sit on his achievements, and expecting the nation to thank him for it.

Things began to sour between Angrr and Akki, and after being nudged on by his party members, announced his intention to run for President against Akki in April 2009. Angrr ran a campaign outlining various methods of improving the nation. His campaign was applauded, and the lack of any campaigning or articles by Akki infuriated the active portion of Japan - especially the congress and political party leaders. Akki was counting upon the inactive 2-clicking players to stick with their long-time President.

Presidential Campaign Banner, April 2009

The vote was very close, but Angrr lost out narrowly - many say a result of a third candidate running and splitting the vote of those looking for change. The third candidate took a small amount of votes, but a number that would have been more than sufficient to tip the scales in Angrr's favor.

Following the election loss, Angrr found himself at a crossroads. he was very well aware that change was not only beneficial, but essential to Japan's development and survival. Long frustrated at all good ideas and suggestions fading away due to inactivity at the top, he devised a way to force change upon the nation - whether the President wanted it or not.

In the weeks leading up to the election, Congress discussed and reached an agreement regarding the South Korean regions under Japanese control. In a time of PTO threats, these had become a liability, and congress agreed that to release them via Resistance Wars was the best idea, as it would reduce this risk whilst providing war games.

Several issues debated in congress were never resolved, and most congressmen and government officials seemed happy with this.

The action Angrr deemed necessary to force Japan into change - the catalyst required - was by far the most controversial issue in Japan up until that point.

Angrr decided to take matters into his own hands, and started a resistance war in one of the South Korean regions using his own funds. This was referred to as his farewell gift - Angrr deduced that an action like this would kick-start Japan, but almost certainly end his political career, so he decided to leave the game upon completion of this act.

One more issue regarding Angrr's departure - often overlooked - is that a large section of congress - supporting Angrr over Akki began considering the option of impeaching Akki to install Angrr as President. Angrr was vehemently opposed to this, as although Akki was unwilling to change the nation, he had done nothing to warrant impeachment, and this action would - in Angrr's eyes - set Japan back instead of forward.

The aftermath of this action lives on even now.

Many political rivals jumped upon this act and claimed that it was treasonous, and looked to use it for their own political gain. The increase in activity within Japan as a result of this was considerable, though. It is widely accepted that - in hindsight - this action boosted Japan's activity levels, got a whole new generation of players interested, and caused massive changes in the government. In short, Angrr achieved his objective, and Japan grew in his absence.

The second Coming

The Ronin

In November 2009, Angrr returned to Japan, receiving a mixed reaction. Those few who still remembered him largely welcomed him back, with the occasional citizen bringing up the past, but very little bitterness.

Since his return, Angrr has stepped back into the fray. After a month getting back up to speed with the now much-changed political landscape, he ran for and was elected to congress. He initially returned to his former party - The Tequila Fitness Club - but differences with the Party President about the lack of direction and general way the party was being run caused him to leave, eventually setting up the Ronin Party.

The Ronin party grew from 2 members to over 30 within 2 months. During this time, Angrr found himself called upon to serve in the cabinet once again. He took the position of Director of Ambassadorial Affairs, only to have his superior immediately quit and subsequently find himself filling the role of Minister of Foreign Affairs. He excelled in this role, but did not retain it as the President changed the following month - instead he was tasked with putting together a proposal for a new Asian Nations Alliance. Angrr spent weeks working upon this, but an evolving Foreign Affairs strategy rendered his efforts unnecessary.

In March 2010, Angrr was approached by some congressmen and government ministers about the possibility of running against the incumbent President. After giving it some thought, Angrr agreed, citing - among other reasons - that an election without competition was not a true democratic election.

Angrr's campaign was rushed, and he failed to get the message across in the manner he wanted or gather the support he needed. Despite running as a candidate for the tiny Ronin party, Angrr drew the support of some of the larger parties in Japan, and ran a close race against Crawling Chaos, but once again finishing second.

Angrr took a little time off after the defeat, and certain events outwith the game prolonged his absence. He returned to once again rebuild his party in May 2010.

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