Angry Angels

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Angry Angels

Angry Angels.png

Angry Angels till death

General Information
Country Flag-Slovenia.jpg Slovenia
Total Soldiers 12
Commanded by Mojlek
2nd Lotus Black
Commanders Skyline35


Previous avatar of the unit

Angry Angels military group was firstly created in New Zealand on 20th of February 2011 by Don KronoX.

After the Military Unit module has been implemented Angry Angels Military Unit has been created in Slovenia by KrMa. Even though the Military Unit was lead by KrMa, Don KronoX was the main face of the unit, as he was one of the best country presidents of Slovenia and New Zealand.

On the 19th of February 2012 Don KronoX has passed away. Angry Angels has still continued it's functionality and was lead by KrMa and srnica to show memory to Don KronoX. Since Don has passed away, the main of the motto of the unit is "ANGRY ANGELS till death".


Member Status
Don KronoX Founder
KrMa Founder
srnica Previous Commander
Lotus Black Previous Commander & 2nd Commander
mojlek Commander
koca7 Previous 2nd Commander
Skyline35 Previous Commander, now 2nd Commander
ave-imperator Member
Matjazp Member
Don Rizla Member
Jockaye Member
SloGirl757 Member
NWGirl7 Member
PNNIZ Member
BeLpHeGoR-6-6-6 ex member
sandi111 ex member
Crusadercarl ex member
Xanthar Zaiban ex member
Novljan ex member
Leader of Scorpions ex member
bandigarf ex member
apzfpk ex member
Annonymoous ex member
Gucio ex member
PWhite ex member
Gyantse ex member