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Nationality Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbian
Date of birth 19th December 2007 - Day 29 of the New World
Date of death 2010
Sex Male
Minister of Defence of Serbia
October – December 2009
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png Lt Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman



Ano was born in Indonesia and was a 2 clicker for a long time. With the introduction of Serbia, he became more active player.

Early life in Serbia

After occupation of Serbia by Croatia, Ano turned from a civilian into a soldier. He served 1 month (May 2009.) as a soldier of 1st battalion of 1st brigade in Army of Serbia.

Next month (June 2009.) he was appointed as Commander of the 5th brigade in Army of Serbia. On the 15th of June Serbia TO-ed Croatian party Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka and renamed it to Srpska Demokratska Stranka. It was a start of a TO which was finally made on the 25th of June. Serbians and Hungarians won the majority of Croatian congress and ruined the country. Fifth brigade voted on the both elections and their commander was a congress candidate also (was not elected).

That is the period after Serbian baby boom, population was increasing and so was the army. That led to some problems in organization. Ano proposed a reform of the army to the Government. They accepted his plan and he became the General of Serbian regular army with authorizations of a MoD.

Life as a General

By the plan that Ano proposed to the Serbian Government, the army of Serbia was split into 3 parts: Elite, Regular and Recruit army.

As a General of Regular army, he created completely new units from the former members of the army. New units were sorted by strength and rank while the old ones were sorted by the joining date. New units were (by strength): Vukovi, Kobre, Tigrovi and Škorpioni. Later, the strength changed with new soldiers that joined, so the order changed. Brigades had 4 battalions, 2 were consisting of soldiers with land skill, and 2 of manufacturing skill. Only exception was Škorpioni, which had one construction battalion which later became Medvedi brigade. The Recruit army was a place where new soldiers came before they were transferred to Regular army after 30 days. In the first month of its existence it had 8 brigades.

Ano also did the job of the General of Recruit army (Bokee88) for 10 days while Bokee88 was busy. At that time, new avatars were made both for Regular and Recruit army and the new structure was introduced to the public.

It is also important to say that Ano was the creator of first Serbian newspaper that published War orders for citizens and he was the first one to introduce military commands script in Serbia. Because of the inactivity of the MoD at the time, president (Lipec) and Secretary General of PEACE GC (Feherlofia Koppany) made him the first representative of Serbian army in PEACE War room. At the start of August, new recruitment was made. New problems appeared, as a lot of players joined the army and a lot became inactive. This led to 2 massive eliminations of inactive soldiers from Serbian army. A new brigade called Panteri was formed, also Vukovi and Elite were now known as Mobile units.

Even though he did the job of MoD, officially he was only a general. In September 2009. he was officially promoted to Minister of Defense of Serbia. His main job was tactics and planing, communication with MoDs from other countries and main tacticians from PEACE GC.

His main achievement in this field was Attack on Slavonia no.5, it was the closest Serbia ever came to victory. That was the first attack with many diversions all across the world (Russia-Finland, Latvia-Finland, Slovenia-Croatia, UK-Sweden,Turkey-Greece,Russia-USA). Main attack was from Serbia on Slavonia and Hungary on North West Croatia. The diplomatic part of the plan was done by Kistru, and the military part by Ano. Ano also participated in planing of other attacks on Slavonia, but he is most proud on this one. In November 2009. Ano resigned as a Minister of Defense of Serbia and became a less active player.


Ano served one month as a Deputy of Supreme Commander of PEACEKeepers and 3 months as Local commander of Serbia.

Life as a soldier

Even though he was a General and MoD, Ano was still a soldier. In September, October and November 2009. he was a soldier of Elite unit of Serbian army. After that he left Serbia and joined Hungarian Elite Unit. He served Hungary for 2 months and then resigned. In the first days of 2010. Ano joined Russian Foreign Legion, he went through Training platoon to become a soldier of 1st Elite Platoon known as „White Tigers“. Later Ano become part of regular unit of Russian army named Corsairs and PHOENIX Mobile Squad.


Representative of PEACE GC and PHOENIX for 9 months and participant in Serbian TO of Croatia. He has never been a active politician, but plans to become one so he can complete his medal collection.


Owner of CK Empire and Ano org.

Military career

Ano is one of the strongest Serbian tanks and has participated in a lot of wars across New World. His damage per battle record is 37997 in Slavonia with 100 fights in 2 days. Also, Ano is Serbian with highest total damage in eRepublik.

Military career overview

VeS5brigadak.jpg 1 x Commander of Fifth Brigade of Serbian Army
PEACEKeepers.jpg 1 x Deputy of Supreme Commander of PEACEkeepers
PEACEKeepers.jpg 3 x Local commander of Serbia in PEACEkeepers
Serbian Regular Army.jpg 4 x General of Serbian Regular Army
Srbijamo.jpg 2 x Minister of Defense of Serbia
VeS1brigada.jpg 1 x Soldier of First Brigade of Serbian Army
Elita.jpg 3 x Soldier of Elite Unit of Serbian Army
Hungarian Elite Unit.jpg 2 x Soldier of Elite Unit of Hungarian Army
PEACEKeepers.jpg 4 x Soldier of PEACEkeepers
Russian Foreign Legion.jpg 1 x Soldier of Russian Foreign Legion
Citizen6718.jpg 2 x Soldier of Corsairs

Resistance Hero

1. New Hampshire RW Russia was returning the regions to USA to escape from Canadian block.

2. Hesse RW A organized action by PHOENIX Mobile units that liberated this region.

Battle Hero

1. Wisconsin RW against Russia


2. Rhode Island RW against Russia


3. Lithuanian Highland Region Swap


4. Western Slovakia Battle


5. Northern Low Amazon RW


6. Liaoning Battle


7. Southeastern Anatolia Region Swap


8. Marmara Region Swap


9. Sistan and Baluchistan Region Swap


10. Northwestern Iran RW


11. Bavaria Battle


12. North-West Frontier Province RW


13. Scotland Battle


14. Limpopo RW


15. Gauteng RW



Ano has received 48 medals in total.

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 8x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 2x Media Mogul
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 16x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif 2x Resistance Hero
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 4x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif 16x Society Builder