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Flag of Apollo
Map of Apollo
Formation October 5, 2020[1]
(Day 4703 of the New World)
Headquarters Flag-Paraguay.jpg Kosovo, Paraguay
Secretary-General Icon-Paraguay.png KodaK.
Members 5
Trial Members 0
Newspaper Voice of Apollo

Apollo is a military alliance consisting of 5 countries.


On October 5th 2020 (Day 4703 of the New World) Apollo was announced as a new alliance. On October 8th 2020 (Day 4706 of the New World) it was created in game as Official Alliance. It was founded by Icon-Colombia.png Colombia, Icon-Paraguay.png Paraguay, Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova and Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine[2]. Due to internal issues into Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova, they joined the alliance few days later.

Apollo is considered the official alliance to be in as prerequisite to be eligible as a member of Asteria Alliance.

Country Date Day Decision Date Full Members Day
Icon-USA.png USA December 1st, 2020 4760 Joined February 1st, 2021 4822


Member countries (dark cyan)

Alliance leadership (HQ)

October 2020 HQ
Position Citizen
Secretary General Icon-Paraguay.png KodaK.
Deputy Secretry General Icon-Bulgaria.png Matt
Supreme Commander Icon-Paraguay.png Jabbiii
Deputy Supreme Commander Icon-Italy.png Panda monium
Secretary of Foreign Affairs Icon-Bulgaria.png Emrace
Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs Icon-Romania.png turturica
Icon-Romania.png vladb
Icon-Peru.png EBM
Advisors Icon-Colombia.png NAMcito
Icon-Ukraine.png B A N D E R A
Icon-Colombia.png Andres.


List complete.


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