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In order to become an official citizen of a country you first need to apply for citizenship.

Applying for citizenship

You can apply for citizenship from your profile. If you are residing in a country that isn't your citizenship country, and you have at least level 10, you will see a link from which you can apply for new citizenship.[1]


  • The citizen must not be a member of congress
  • The citizen must not be in a political party
  • The citizen must be currently located in a region of the country he is applying for
  • The citizen must be at least level 10
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In order to apply for a citizenship, citizens have to be located in a region of the country which they wish its citizenship of. In the top image it is not possible to apply for Paraguayan citizenship because the citizen already has got it; in the bottom image the citizen has got Finnish citizenship and is located in a region belonging to Romania so the citizen can apply for Romanian citizenship.

The application

In order to get citizenship, you need to send an application that will be seen by the members of the congress of the country you want to become citizen of. The message can contain a maximum of 500 characters. Once the application is sent, it will be shown to the congress members of the country. They have five days to approve it. If it's not approved, the application will be removed and you will be notified. You can't cancel your application.

FAQ [2]

  • Q: Will it be necessary that ALL Congress members accept a citizenship request, in some sort law voting for citizenship? Isn't that going to flood the Congress?
    • A: No, citizenship is offered personally and manually by a Congress member. There is no law, just a list from which Congress members can chose to whom to give citizenship by simply accepting his/her application.
  • Q: A maximum of 10 % of a country's population possibly being offered citizenship, means a lot. With just one infiltrated congressman, citizenship can be granted to hundreds for a PTO attempt, right?
    • A: Actually this is not true. This is because each congress member can only grant citizenship to a maximum number of people out of the total number possible (total number= 10 % of country population). So, in a country with 10.000 citizens, and 40 congressmen, it turns out that an “infiltrated” spy could offer citizenship to a maximum of 25 people. No congressman can grant 26 in a mandate of one month, regardless of how many citizenships are still available out of the initial 1000.
  • Q: Will it be possible to see which congressman has accepted a specific citizenship application via the citizenship module?
    • A: Yes, the citizenship application list is divided into two areas: pending applications and accepted applications. Accepted applications lists all the citizens that received citizenship since the citizenship module was introduced in October 2009 and also the congressman that pushed the “Yes” button.
  • Q: Is there some sort of “letter of intention” which citizens can fill in when they apply for citizenship?
    • A: Yes, citizens are requested to write a message explaining why they want citizenship, which will be visible to Congress Members reading their applications. This will be your opportunity to persuade Congress members to accept your application!
  • Q: What happens when my application gets denied?
    • A: You receive an alert that your application has been denied, meaning that no congress member accepted it within the 5 days period. After that, you can re-apply for citizenship in the same country 5 days after the denial. There's no time restriction for citizenship application in another country though.

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  2. Citizenship FAQ and launch date

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