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or Militantsocialistiska Arbetarepartiet

Party-Arbetarepartiet MSAP.png
General Information
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Abbreviation MSAP
Forum forum
Colors Red and Black
Founded December 1, 2007
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Folket
Succeeded By Antiplatoniterna MSAP
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Militantsocialistiska Arbetarepartiet (English: Militant Socialist Workers Party, also called Arbetarepartiet MSAP) was a Swedish left-wing party. It was one of the biggest parties in Sweden before it was couped by members of (liberal) parties. In September 2009 the party was regained by its members and a process of renewal was initiated. On the 20th of September that year, MSAP turned into Folket, and later reverted back into MSAP again. MSAP advocates economic democracy, i.e. worker control of the means of production, and wants to improve the conditions of the workers as opposed to improving the conditions of the minority of company owners.

In early 2015, the party changed its name to "Antiplatoniterna MSAP". Their main agenda has then focused on opposition to Plato and eRepublik Labs. In order to reduce the makers' revenue from the game, they want to stop all wars, as well as raising the taxes and minimum wage to the maximum.

MSAP Manifesto

Folket's manifesto

Example alt text
The flag of Folket, by Josef Stark

Yes it can!

Many have wondered if socialism is applicable to eRepublik and most don’t believe it actually is. It’s perhaps too easy to make this conclusion; there’s no suffering or “real” death in eRepublik and everyone is, de facto, born as equals into The New World. But this is only where the game starts and as it progresses we see that a rift in society is created. This rift is not unlike the one that exists between classes in the real world, between the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat, the oppressors and the oppressed.

Despite whatever you might think, this rift exists in eRepublik as well. To fully understand this we must reflect upon our own content. Are you content with your situation? Do you get a share that’s proportionate to the work you carry out? Before we can answer these questions we need to know what they actually mean. But first, we will have to explore what the class struggle in eRepublik looks like and what factors are involved in it.

Primarily, we have the following classes:

  • The Capitalists (the bourgeoisie. eRepublik example: Company Owners and Share Holders.) are those who get their income by the surplus value they acquire from the workers who create wealth through labour.
  • The Workers (the proletariat. eRepublik example: Players who work for capitalists.) are those who earn their living by selling their labour and receive a salary for the work done.

These two stands in opposition to each other, they have opposite interests, higher wages, lower wages etc. Even though The Workers are generating the wealth it is not they who have the ability to influence their work and what they get out of it but rather The Capitalists who profit from the labour and manoeuvre the resources for individual gain. If you could see in plain numbers what your labour is actually worth, what kind of profits it generates and then how much of that goes to The Capitalist you would understand that there are some major issues in e-society today. This is the main source from where all major injustice in eRepublik comes from.

Ask yourself again. Are you content?

See the Exploitation Rate Calculator to see for yourself [1].

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We can change it

Most of us have a normal job at a company where we carry out our work, Click by click, and for every time we press that “work” button we create wealth. Some of that value is returned to us in form of salary, the rest goes to the owner as profit. If it wasn’t for the fact that we generate more value than what we get in return they wouldn’t have hired us in the first place. Okay then. What if the capitalist dream came true, if everyone became a millionaire? What will then happen to the profits? Well, as soon as everyone tries to stop working society would collapse. The companies would no longer be making any money. Waged labour is, therefore, a basic condition which allows profit to be made by simply owning.

Thus, capital is something relative between people, where a few people own and the others work for wages. Wealth does not create itself, it’s not written in the laws of nature. It’s our society that works that way, which also means that it doesn’t have to be so; you can change it, click by click...


What if you lower the amount of profit and raised the wages, or perhaps the opposite? That’s what most of the economic debate is all about; a little adjustment here and there. It affects so many people, owners as well as workers, both directly and indirectly. The main concern amongst company owners is to speed up the work and at the same time keep wage costs as low as possible. If you fail to do this you’ll be overrun by your competitors, so a capitalist who stops to force workers against each other will not be a capitalist for very long. Can you now see that this capitalist world stretches out far further than the single company?

The Capitalists also puts a lot of effort into conducting policies to safeguard their own interests. They have an interest in keeping this society unfair. That’s a fact and they will never change regarding this, no matter how obviously clear it is that a more just and fair society would be beneficial for all of us. At the same time, the left-wing movement is striving for the interests of the people, but the difference is that most people actually lose with right-wing politics opposed to the left-wing politics, where the people actually win. This is why democracy never has been one of The Capitalists' main qualities.

MSAP Mission

MSAP is a revolutionary workers' socialist party that is opposed to all forms of oppression. Our objective is a total transformation of the existing society, to abolish capitalism and in its place create a worker controlled and democratic socialist society. We stand for equal rights for all, and fight against any discrimination based on sex, culture, sexual orientation, religion, party adherence or nationality. The by-laws of the party can be found here.[2]

The State

The party wants to promote the welfare of the workers rather than that of the company owners and to strengthen the economy of the country. In order to accomplish this, the party wants to introduce new ownership models where no one can profit from the work of others. Workers and consumers will be able to choose from a variety of privately, stately, and workers' owned companies. State-controlled[3] companies will be created and parts of the Swedish economy regulated according to the needs of the workers, instead of like today according to the wants of a few profiteers. Workers' self-management[4] will also be conducted in workers' owned companies whose funding will be supported and subsidized by the workers-state.

The New Economy model as proposed by MSAP.


Our alternative to capitalism is socialism, a more just, free and rational system. Socialism is a system where the means of production are collectively and democratically owned and controlled and administered by the democratically controlled workers state. Thus democracy is extended to the economic sphere that earlier had been under the dictatorship of capital. This means that the state will be able to plan the production. The well-being of the people will be put above profit. Production will be rationalized.


Ten people cooperating together will achieve more than ten people competing against each other. The destructive competition of today will be abolished. The wealth produced in Sweden will be justly distributed among the population by the new ownership models. The state will distribute resources and fill up deficits with surpluses to cover the needs of the population. Under socialism, reforms will be carried out to increase the participation of the working masses in the political process.


MSAP is an internationalist party that wants to secure world-peace and solidarity, by calling to arms should the need arise. We do not tolerate the oppression of our brothers or sisters anywhere. This means that we see our struggle in Sweden as a part of a grater, global socialist struggle. We work for the creation of a socialist international where socialist parties can meet, discuss and coordinate the socialist struggle.


We are also an anti-imperialist party. This means that we oppose colonialism and imperialist wars of conquest, which we see have their origin in the capitalist mode of production. We defend the right of all peoples to their own nations, and the right of all nations to self-determination.

Arbetarmilisen / The Workers' Militia.

Defence Issues

Main article: Workers' Militia

We also stand for the maintenance of world peace. At the same time, we see that Sweden by necessity has to defend itself and secure its survival and influence and that this objective sometimes can lead to necessary conquests of regions and countries. The principle of self-determination for all nations does not mean that the borders of a country have to follow the borders of that country in the real world.

Policies in a Free Market Society

Today Sweden is far from being a socialist country. While MSAP is a revolutionary party, this does not mean that we want to overthrow the democratically elected government by force. As long as Sweden is a democratic country, where the take-over of the state apparatus by the proletariat is possible to carry out by legal means, MSAP will work within the framework of democracy.


Under capitalism, MSAP will put forward reformist demands to increase the standard of living of the majority of the people, to fight imperialism and to extend democracy. These demands can, for example, be higher wages, improved working conditions, the right to unemployment benefits, and that Sweden actively defends small countries against imperialist wars of aggression.

Transitional Demands

It is also important that we put forward so-called transitional demands, that is, demands which are impossible to fulfil within capitalism, and that thus increase the class consciousness of the working masses and the insight that another, socialist society is necessary. These demands can, for example, be full employment, and a stabilisation of the economy. In the struggle for the fulfilment of these demands, it is important that we cooperate with the mass organisations of the working class, of which the trade union is the most important. Under capitalism, MSAP can participate in government coalitions and cooperate with non-socialist parties. This should, however, be done with great care, and an evaluation of advantages and disadvantages should take place.

We should know that although our participation in governments can strengthen the cause of socialism and increase the power and standard of living of the working class, class cooperation can often lead to the long-term loss of working-class support, and the degeneration of the party into a reformist and opportunist one.


Party Presidents

Date Term Began Party President
1 December 2007 Raxusprime
8 January 2008 ScymeX
11 March 2008 The Herminator
11 August 2008 BotherMe
11 September 2008 Vectoor
16 December 2008 Radsoc
16 January 2009 The Herminator
16 March 2009 Rhood
16 April 2009 Right-Wing Coup
16 May 2009 Mombassa
16 July 2009 Right-Wing Coup
16 September 2009 Per-Fredrik
16 October 2009 Frida Odinsdottir
16 November 2009 Frida Odinsdottir
16 December 2009 josefstark
16 January 2010 Turkish Coup
16 February 2010 Radsoc
16 March 2010 Seblas
16 April 2010 Ekstromskan
16 May 2010 Christian Klar
16 June 2010 intyala
16 July 2010 Seblas
16 January 2011 Raticon
16 February 2011 Volcker
16 March 2011 mordisk

The Right-Wing Coups

In April the party was briefly couped by Neppons. He remained a few weeks before he stepped down. In July the party was couped yet again. This time by Bertil Gurkvatten and his henchmen after Mombassa resigned his party president seat. He renamed the party to "Jedi Party", and then later to "The Great Cornholio", and finally to "To Be Decided". He managed to win the party elections of July by a margin of 2 votes by inviting other antisocialists to join and vote. During his time the entire party account of 180 Gold was spent on pointless Jedi-advertisements. In August the coupers launched another candidate Simcon who managed to win despite an electional tie. On the election day members of FBS and FRONT left their parties in order to vote in the MSAP-elections. Five minutes thereafter they went back to their old parties. The voting presence sky-rocketed to a record high of 92.86% (but could've very well went above 100% due to the beforementioned tactics).

Official Election Results

Congressional Election Results

Month Congressional Seats Percentage
July 2008 8 out of 39 20.5%
August 2008 6 out of 37 17%
September 2008 6 out of 37 16%
October 2008 5 out of 40 12.5%
November 2008 6 out of 40 15%
December 2008 5 out of 40 12.5%
January 2009 3 out of 40 7.5%
February 2009 3 out of 40 7.5%
March 2009 3 out of 40 7.5%
April 2009 1 out of 40 2.5%
May 2009 6 out of 44 14%
June 2009 2 out of 40 5%
July 2009 1 out of 40 2.5%
August 2009 2 out of 40 5%
September 2009 ? out of 40 ?%
October 2009 ? out of 40 ?%
November 2009 ? out of 40 ?%
December 2009 ? out of 40 ?%
January 2010 ? out of 40 ?%
February 2010 ? out of 40 ?%
March 2010 ? out of 40 ?%
April 2010 5 out of 40 12.2%
May 2010 6 out of 40 18.75%
June 2010 7 out of 40 21.88%
July 2010 6 out of 20 30%
August 2010 ? out of 40 ?%

Presidential Election Results

Month Votes Percentage Candidate
December 2008 66 out of 450 15% Vectoor
January 2009 125 out of 485 26% Betamjau (FBS)
February 2009 35 out of 428 8% Radsoc
March 2009 0 out of 482 0% No Candidate
April 2009 39 out of 432 9% Rhood
May 2009 0 out of 380 0% No Candidate (coup)
June 2009 69 out of 512 13.5% Mombassa
July 2009 0 out of 452 0% No Candidate (coup)
August 2009 0 out of 641 0% No Candidate (coup)
September 2009 0 out of 689 0% No Candidate (coup)
October 2009 71 out of 754 9.42% josefstark
November 2009 0 out of 414 0% No Candidate
December 2009 56 out of 668 8.38% josefstark
January 2010 89 out of 571 15.59% Mombassa
February 2010 0 out of 571 0% No candidate
March 2010 60 out of 647 9.27% Mombassa
April 2010 55 out of 742 7.41% Seblas
May 2010 0 out of 705 0% No candidate
June 2010 32 out of 619 5.17% Christian Klar
July 2010 94 out of 379 24.80% Radsoc (President through impeachment).