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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth August 12 2008
September 2014
Date of death Unknown
Residence California and Singapore City
Sex Female
Faith Theocracy
President of Singapore
March 6, 2009 – May 5, 2009
Succeeded by John Jay
Minister of Finance of Singapore
May 6, 2009 – July 5, 2009
Congress of Singapore
May 26, 2009 – June 25, 2009
Minister of Trade of Singapore
July 6, 2009 – August 5, 2009
Minister of Finance of Singapore
August 6, 2009 – September 5, 2009
Congress of Singapore
August 26, 2009 – September 25, 2009
President of Singapore
September 6, 2009 – November 5, 2009
Preceded by Woshiempire
Succeeded by Erius
Party president of Birthday Party
October 18, 2009 – N/A
Preceded by Sardar Mehdi
Succeeded by Sam Dunn
Congress of Singapore
August 26, 2010 – September 25, 2010
September 26, 2009 – October 25, 2009
Military rank Icon rank God of War*.png God of War*
Aircraft rank Staff sergeant 2.png Staff Sergeant**

Arbryn, was known for being the first President of Singapore, one of the first female Presidents of the New World, a human rights activist, an ever determined warrior and a beauty goddess.


Arbryn was born into a successful family in North Carolina, USA. She is the daughter of the well-known citizen BattalGazi and a beauty pageant winning Mother. When she was young she always made friends quickly and had an outstanding performance in school. Once a teenager she often went out with her parents to business meetings. By doing so she learned the way of business early and when she became a young adult she quickly went to work her friends business to learn more.

When her family moved away back to Turkey she went off to college in California, USA. Gaining a degree in business & foreign relations. During this same time having started her own business Organization, she went on to form the foundations of what would later become a very successful business empire owning many companies across the world.


After College, she soon realized this was not alone enough though as the life of a businesswoman alone could not appease her desire for adventure. Political instability and business interruptions created undesirable downtime. This drove Arbryn to seek a new path, it is then after being recruited by Sukoidha she decided to join the United States Marine Corps.

Life in the Marines was rough at first. Lots of work and little reward as it seemed in the early days. But over time much changed. The world was no longer at peace and large world powers were striving for control. Europe erupted in war and the Marines got to travel to many interesting places. This lasted for several months and Arbryn went on to make many long-lasting friendships in the Marines but before long a new goal loomed on the horizon.


Having realized she was not happy living in the USA due to the political climate interfering with business. Arbryn started travelling the world and lived in many nations looking for new places to invest in. This trip included but not limited to United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Russia, Romania, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden & Norway. This trip eventually concluded after having formed several new business branches in new lands in the new country of Singapore. Recently liberated from the bowels of Greyness, the new land of Singapore needed the help of those willing.

The first month of life in Singapore was ripe with intrigue, Political takeovers and hostile political actions by both PEACE & ATLANTIS member nations as can be read in this article.
During this time Arbryn rose to a respectable position within the Singaporean community as a citizen fighting for the freedom and self-government of the new nation of Singapore. So much so in fact that during the nations first Presidential elections she was nominated and asked to run as the only candidate of the people. The opposition was the prominent Iranian citizen ashkan_hg trying for a Political Takeover of Singapore.


Having won Singapore's first presidential elections by a narrow margin of 6 votes and securing the nation for the people Arbryn went on to 2 presidential terms and 1 congressional term over the next 3 months. During this time foreign relations and alliances with other nations improved, Singapore acquired a Q5 Hospital and the economy went from a huge daily loss to a positive number. We even were fortunate enough to have a William Shafer incident[1]. Life in Singapore was well on its way to becoming a great place to live and a normal nation.

The political atmosphere in Singapore also had a profound effect on Arbryn's personal life as well. It was during her time in the presidency where Arbryn met her future husband to be, Dio Maksas. As one of the leaders of the Theocratic Nation of Switzerland, a nation that would become a close ally with Singapore. Arbryn & Dio Maksas discussed much, eventually leading to Dio Maksas marriage proposal which Arbryn accepted.

On Day 632 of the New World, August 13, 2009. Four months after Dio Maksas Original proposal the time finally came and Arbryn & Dio Maksas were wed. Transcript viewable here.

Arbryn had spent several months since the initial Presidential/Congressional life in Singapore travelling the world and helping Singapore however she can, including being on every other presidential cabinet. Most recently she is back into the Congressional/Presidential life having just been re-elected into Congress and then subsequently as President once again. She serves in the Singapore Armed Forces and is always looking to help new players in Singapore to establish themselves.

Arbryn took a much-needed rest after another 2 months of the presidency in Singapore & 4 months in the government. She once again travelled the world for many moons from Dec 2009 - July 2010. And participated in many global wars and relaxed on the wonderful beaches in Southeast Asia. All in all, it was a well-spent world tour, but as times began to change in the New New World she quickly found herself returning home to Singapore and again participating in government affairs.


Arbryn's kindness and intelligence are explained for her love for all people. As long as you show respect to her, she will in kind return that respect. She is prideful in what she does and has a high amount of honor in the tasks she commits to. She is a strong fighter for that in which she believes in, this reflects in her political, military & business careers.