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Arch Angels v2.jpg

Once an Archangel, always an Archangel

General Information
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Colors Blue and white
Total Soldiers 85
Commanded by Gmox
2nd DiMlTRiS
1st Regiment Captain Duncan the Immortal
2nd Regiment Captain Anofelos
3rd Regiment Captain masas1
4th Regiment Captain Eleanor 82

Arch-angels is a military unit of Flag-Greece.jpg Greece.


The Arch-angels Military Unit was founded on March 21st, 2011, by EpiCourious. Since there was already a Serbian military unit named “Archangels”, the name “Arch-angels”, having a dash ‘-’, was chosen.

During its first stages, the MU was not so well-organized, being composed by RL friends that wanted to play the game being in the same group. At the end of June 2011, due to RL obligations of its founder EpiCourious, the unit’s leadership passed to another active player. DimAth made many changes helping the MU to improve: the unit became well-organised and disciplined, having a clear purpose and objective. As the MU was growing fast, new leading members had to be added to the team. In February 2012, DimAth passed the leadership to Asoee, whose ambition and hard work lead Archangels to Greece’s top 5 military units, and maintaining this rank until today. There were many Commanders since then (AggelosPns, kagief89, SatyrikonGr), proving that the leadership was assigned to members that were able to help and were qualified to do so.

Other notable members that had leading positions are, but not limited to, Diam gr, Elenardil, Gmox, icelle, Makis Kouklentes. The list is too long to include everyone. There are 111 members now (July 7, 2014). Archangels are not proud of being a hardcore MU, but are proud of helping their members to improve themselves (old and new).

Their goal is to help our members to become autonomous, in terms of food supplies, as well as having fully upgraded training grounds. They encourage friendly relationships between members, having fun playing the game, away from RL issues. Therefore, group meetings are organised, to know each other in person. Finally, as a Greek MU, their aim is to fight for the interests of Greece.


The Archangels’ administrative team consists of:

  1. Commander, EpiCourious, who is responsible for Daily Order (DO) changes, the administrative team’s coordination, as well as the appropriate operation in general. The commander is units' representative in Greece and in the corresponding alliance.
  2. Second Commanders Asoee and Gmox, responsible for the unit’s operational and financial functions, as well as the management of its stock in food and weapons. They also represent the unit in case Commander is not able to do so.
  3. Regiment Captains Karavanoupoli, CptSpy and athensantifa, who are responsible for supplying members with weapons during unit marches. Their task is very important, as they are also responsible for guiding and mentoring new players, acting as a link between the administrative team and the members. They are also able to propose the removal of a unit member, provided that there is a well justified reason for this action.
  4. Other members of the administrative team include Douze In Douzeland and Elenardil, who cover the daily tasks of buying WRM from members of the MU at premium prices, as well as supplying food to members of Divisions 1 and 2.


Membership can be granted to any RL Greek player, after being accepted by the administrative team. Non-RL Greek players can also be accepted, provided that they are willing to serve the unit’s goals and objectives.

The Archangels’ means of communication is our team’s chatroom on eRepublik, our TeamSpeak (TeamSpeak Address: (no password required)) channel, and of course, the team’s circular messages that are renewed every month.

The Archangels team members are distinguished for their team spirit, their mutual help and the excellent ambience among them. As a team, they are fully engaged in promoting and helping new players, as in their turn will stand up to help new players in the future. This is something we have succeeded heavily in. Due to this the motto “once an Archangel, always an Archangel” has prevailed over the years.

Obligations of members

  1. You have to fight for the interests of eGreece.
  2. You are obliged to use one of the 3 available Archangels avatars. The only changes allowed to be made are to include a personal logo/icon on the top right or top left corner, as long as it does not cover our main logo. You can select one of the following avatars:
    • This obligation does not apply to members that have been granted special permission by the Administrative team.
  3. It is mandatory to work at unit’s companies. Your production enables us to provide supplies, and is therefore essential for our unit.
  4. You have to respect other members and to not insult them in any way. There are basic rules of behavior, and not respecting them can lead to a member’s removal from the unit.
  5. You have to fill out the forms that are handed to you, whether they are coming from the unit or from eGreece ministries. These forms are a useful tool for the administrative team to present statistics and track the members’ development, so as to help them financially and militarily.
  6. You have to be present in as many marches as possible, either on TeamSpeak, or on Archangels’ MU chat room, and fill out the form after the march’s completion.
  7. If you plan to leave from the game for more than 5 days, you have to send a notice to one member of the administrative team.
  8. You have to complete your Daily Orders at least 4 times per week. If you don’t, you will be considered to be in HOLD mode, meaning that you will not be getting the extra supplies from the TeamSpeak/MU chat room or any ongoing MU contests. If you have informed us that you are in HOLD mode (which cannot last over 6 months), then you will be receiving increased fixed payouts during that period. Of course, you have to you inform the administrative team when you stop being in HOLD mode. HOLD mode cannot be less than one whole week, and it is recommended for you to inform the administrative team if you will be holding for more than that.
  9. You are required to carry at least 100 Energy Bars (EB) if you are in Division 4, 50 EB if you are in Division 3, 30 EB if you are in Division 2, and 15 EB if you are in Division 1. Division 1 players are also required to carry at least 15 bazookas. Stored Energy Bars can only be used upon the order or after communication with administrative team’s members. These rules do not apply to members which are on HOLD mode.
  10. Spamming ePolitical messages on our MU’s feeds, cyclical messages, chatroom or TeamSpeak is strictly prohibited.