Arjay Phoenician III

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Arjay Phoenician III

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth April 9, 2013
Date of death End of 2013 (est)
Residence South South States
Sex Male
Newspaper Belfast Lough Times
Congress member of Ireland
Military rank Icon rank National Force*.png National Force*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Depending on what mood you caught him on a given day, Arjay Phoenician III would tell you he is either the grandson of Arjay Phoenician or his reincarnation.


Belfast Blues

Arjay was born on April 9, 2013, in the Mayo region of Ireland, but quickly moved to Northern Ireland when he learned the Irish had taken the region over from the United Kingdom. He took an instant fascination to Belfast and the pugnacious desires of the Irish people to keep the region for themselves, embracing the One Island, One Ireland frenzy many had taken. Unfortunately, Ireland's leadership was not up to task in maintaining this concept, and the country not only lost Northern Ireland and Belfast to the British, but also the whole nation; their alliance, the CUA, was completely dependent on Argentina, and when they themselves were wiped shortly after their wiping of the UK, the British (empowered by their cozy relationship with Poland) overran the island over the course of a few weeks. The national nucleus, led by country president MUFC992, was rambunctious and feisty, but ill-equipped to battle an enemy that not only outnumbered them five-to-one, but also had the weight of a true superpower backing them. He befriended the Minister of Education, Ian E Coleman, who deputized him, but it rapidly hit the youngster that there was little point in committing himself to educating the youth of a nation when that nation was on the verge of annihilation. The sum of all this led to Arjay's disillusionment of the Irish community, and as a newbie he left, committing himself to a life of self-improvement, not giving himself to any one community until he had something of value to offer.

Arjay started his life journey Dioist. Near the end of his grandfather's life, he made himself known to the one true god, Dio Brando. Although the first Arjay did not live long after this revelation, Arjay III came into this world mesmerized by the religion.

Though he considers Belfast his hometown, Arjay has been traveling since the British invasion of Ireland. In his travels, he has fought and trained on a daily basis. It is strange to point out that, for all his accomplishments, Grandfather Arjay gathered nineteen medals in his lifetime; Arjay III earned eighteen in just his first month.

Adolescence in South America

Perhaps to connect with people familiar with his family name, Arjay moved to Bolivia in May 2013. Not only did he acquaint himself with his grandfather's mentor, now calling himself Camarada Ernesto, he made other friends, most notably the lovely Princess Isabella, who had taken the country by storm and was leading a new, more enthusiastic generation of Bolivians.

Isabella ran for Country President in June. Although his newspaper was published in Ireland, he faithfully wrote about her ascendancy and his admiration for her. When she lost the election by a single vote to Darthvan, she weighed her options and went to Venezuela. Arjay followed. In the course of his IRC explorations, he made a new set of friends, including Melany Colmenares and the beautiful Nikita. Fenix.

The Individualist Society

In mid-June 2013, as Irish president Sweet Drinker negotiated a non-aggression pact with the UK, he participated in resistance wars that got the country back on the map. It was at this time that he started giving voice to the philosophy of individualism, refining it with his friend MaryamQ, and finally, on June 18, he founded the School of Individualist Studies on the campus of Irish University. A special gratitude goes to University co-founder and Phoenician family friend Anthony Colby for offering Arjay the space.

When an opportunity arose to run for Dáil Éireann (Congress), he took the Independent Labour Party up on their offer to run on their ticket. It resulted in his first Congressional win.