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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth 19 December 2007
Date of death 2014
Residence Bohus
Sex Male
Congress member of Sweden
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden
August 2008 (est) – November 7, 2008
Succeeded by Marten1000
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Arkham (born 19th December 2007) was a Swed, liberal, politician.

Arkham was born December 19th, recruited by Perraman, he started his political career in Sweden Inc. Due to the party leader inactivity, he later joined Akt!va. After one month in Akt!va, the sitting Board of Directions, represented by KiWi and Ettan decided to leave the party for Flashback Sweden. Arkham won the upcoming election due to his high party rank. Because of the fact that he had earned the same number of votes as the other candidate, Kape, he appointed him for a mouthpiece. This was the start of an eternal friendship.

Akt!va grew but after two mandates, Arkham and Kape decided to merge with the Old Piratpartiet to make the inactive congress party work again. In Piratpartiet, Arkham started a revolt together with Kape, Sqoj, Tobey and Fenton. They gathered a large group of disappointed Akt!va-, and Piratpartiet-members around them. Calling themselves Libertatariansk Samling Falangen, they won the election, renamed the party to Libertarian Gathering Sweden (LGS) with new ideas, a new board of directions and a new liberal vision for Sweden.

During the time as party leader in LGS, Arkham also founded the Greek political party International Libertarian Union together with Tobey. He also established three party committees together with the Board of Directions in LGS. After two months in LGS, he became Vice-minister of Foreign Relations and kept this post until he resigned from the political aspect of the game two months later.

August 31st, he and DNS party leader DKN announced a new party-merge, this time between LGS and DNS. Arkham said that this was his retirement present for Swedish politics.

Five months after, he left the game, he returned by restart the famous newspaper Ny Storm, with the name Storm Debatt and founded a party Svenska Frihetspartiet. After publishing five articles for the party he left the New World for a month. In April he joined Democrats of New Sweden and started a new chapter in the party's history together with the members of the Board of Directions and the most active members, later called Council of Seven.

The Lahitraho Institute logo
Arkham is also the founder and was one of the only three known members of the think-tank and Liberal death-cult The Lahitraho Institute. Nothing is known about the organisation, though rumors say it contained both politicians, high-ranked soldiers and terrorists.