Armada Garuda

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Armada Garuda

Armada Garuda.jpg


General Information
Country Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Region Java
Colors Yellow and Red
Total Soldiers >3500
Commanded by AG.trimafadzi
2nd Commander AG.gerusan
Part of Front Pancasila

History of the Armada Garuda

Armada Garuda is a military unit from Indonesia.

Armada Garuda was founded on January 29 (eRepublik Day 801). Originally Armada Garuda is just a platform to strengthen the feeling of togetherness among Indonesian eCitizen. Because basically, the goal of the establishment of Armada Garuda is for togetherness, intimacy, and have fun for sure. It's just manifested in the form of the Battle Group. In its development, Armada Garuda Battle Group developed into an independent and coordinated. It also compete with existing groups in the battle to accomplish strong, prosperous, safe, and prosperous Indonesia.

'We Strong & Big is not because a great leader , but that because Togetherness'