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Armory is the place where citizens can unlock, enroll and discharge vehicles. Armory replaced Vehicle depot used previously. Citizens can reach the armory page either through the Vehicle depot menu or by going to the battlefield page and clicking on the icon Open garage.png on the right menu.

The armory itself consists of three parts, all of them reachable from a mini-menu at the bottom of each of the three armory pages.


Hangar part of the armory page

The hangar is the main area of the armory. Here, citizens can do the actual acts of unlocking and enrollment of the vehicles, or simply just use the page to check the skins of the vehicles and their current status.

On the left side of the page, citizens can see the icon of all vehicles they are in the armory and their battlefield status.

  • If the vehicle has a flag and a level number in the top left corner of the vehicle icon, it means that this vehicle is currently enrolled.
  • If the vehicle has ready to enroll tag on the top center above its icon, it means that vehicle can be enrolled on the battlefield.
  • If the vehicle has a lock icon across its icon, it means that the vehicle needs to be unlocked before it could be enrolled

Please note that citizens can filter the vehicles based on 4 parameters: All, ground, air, enrolled.

The center part of the page shows the skin of the selected vehicle - you select a vehicle by simply clicking on the icon page on the left side of the page.

On the right side of the page, citizens can see more information about the chosen vehicle. There are several combinations of data that could be shown:

  • If the vehicle is enrolled, the following data is shown: Country it protects, bonus it provides and level of the protector experience.
  • If the vehicle is ready to be enrolled, the following data is shown: Information vehicle is not enrolled and a button to enroll vehicle
  • If the vehicle needs to be unlocked, the following data is shown: The number of blueprints that the citizen has for the vehicle and the Assemble button. Please note that if there are not enough blueprints for the vehicle, the button won't be clickable.

One information that is always shown regarding the vehicle status is the information button which can be found just next to the vehicle name. Here citizens can read more about the vehicle itself.

Protectors of Nations

Protectors of Nations part of the armory page

The Protectors of Nations is the second important area of the armory. Here, citizens can see the overview of enrolled vehicles and do the actual act of discharging the vehicles from the battlefield.

The page shows the countries citizens are protecting, the overview of the ground and air vehicles enrolled with the level of the protector experience.

Every enrolled vehicle will have a button which citizens can click and discharge the vehicle by using the Vehicle discharge document.


Main article: Vehicles

On the help part of the armory page, citizens can find out more information about vehicles.

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