Army of the Republic of Macedonia

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Army of the Republic of Macedonia

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General Information
Founded October 7, 2010
Country Flag-North Macedonia.jpg Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
Region Povardarie
Total Soldiers 5000+
Commanded by The President of Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
2nd Commander The Minister of Defence of Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

The Armed Forces of Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) stand united under one organization - Army of the Republic of Macedonia (ARM).

Currently, the Military of the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) is comprised only of private ground units.


Throughout time, many changes have occurred to these organizations. In the beginning, it was comprised of several autonomous Military Units which cooperated to defend the interests of their country and their allies.

During the 1st and 2nd mandate of Strumjanin, the first Macedonian national divisions were formed - Volci, ARM-LAVOVI and ARM - TIGRI.

In time, the number of MUs continued to rise and with the changes to the MU mode it soon became a necessity to be a member of a MU, not just an option.

After some changes were applied to the economical mode, the 3 national divisions also became private MUs.


Currently, there are more than 20 Military Units that fight for the Macedonian interests. Some of them are:

Historical MUs

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