Artaxerxes Pavonis

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Artaxerxes Pavonis

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth September 11, 2008
Date of death August 26, 208 (detected)
Residence Castlebar, Mayo region
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank God of War*.png God of War*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Artaxerxes Pavonis, who prefers to be called Art, began life in Olympia, Washington. Life at first was simple. But not knowing all the mechanics, he set out to learn all about the New World. He easily found the 'Work' button and posted his CV to wherever it went. He was offered a job at Popplers ("Pop A Poppler In Your Mouth!"), which he accepted.


Art received a PM from his friend Romel, the one who invited him into the New World, to come to Ireland with him to help set up a business. After much thinking and discussion, he accepted. Romel gave Art the cash needed to get a ticket and moved to Dublin, Ireland, where he has resided ever since. He soon got a job after posting his CV to wherever it went.


Whilst still in America, Art looked around at the parties which were available. After reading the manifestos of the top parties (beta), he decided to join The Libertarian Party. But when he moved to Ireland, he found only one right-sided party. After reading the rather derogatory manifesto, he decided that the Irish Freedom Party was best for him. He soon realized after a PM from Vyse that he had become a Congressman. He soon got involved in the Irish Forum and was getting to know the other prominent Irish men and women. After fighting in China, Art arrived back just before the Political Party Elections. Michael Collins told him that there were no candidates for the controversial Ireland Reborn party. Seeing the moment for possibilities, He ran with no competition. He only got 3 votes. He then renamed his newfound party, the Irish Libertarian Party. But with the 'suspected multis' of Victor Petrescu dying off, his party soon became the 6th, and thus the one and the only minority party. One day Art realized there was little interest in conservative parties in Ireland and rejoins IFP.


Having joined at the latter end of Beta, Art didn't really know what this "V1" exactly was. Only after reading some of the ERepublik Insider articles did he then know what the implications were. Again, after just arriving in the New World, Art didn't have the required experience points to run for Congress the next month. But when V1 finally was released to the general public, he got a job working in the Land Skill domain and has been ever since.


Although Art wasn't all that interested in the war factor of the game, it was interesting to read about the previous wars, he thought it best to start training once he can afford the costs of higher quality food. After saving up a bit, he decided to help liberate China. He arrived in the Pakistan controlled region of Beijing and got a land skill job. Once the battle commenced, he only got 2 fights in against 'the wall'. Unfortunately, he couldn't quit his job. So he asked the owner to fire him. After the war, Art decided against staying in the newly liberated country. Unfortunately, China was conquered some months later.

Omega Corp

After receiving Hard Worker and Congress awards, Art decided to finally open a business. And thus was born: Omega Corp. Looking around on the market and other resources, he decided to start a housing company in Australia. Not the best of choices to start with... Sadly to say, he was ill-prepared for the expenses of the housing market. Newbies would work once, and never again. Realizing that he needed more capital, Art looked around for a business partner. He eventually chose uaithne. After a short while, Omega Housing began to catch up and produce some houses. But when Chile was coming to the New World, they both decided to start the Omega Grano in Zona Central.

Due to the removal of the Organizations, Omega Corp has been disassembled. The soul companies are now in the possession of Artaxerxes Pavonis.


After a period of little inactivity, Art decided to move to Australia where he had developed friendships with the people there because of Omega Corp. He had only been there for a few days before deciding that he should instead go help out his RM company in Chile of Omega Grano.


Again, Art had a friend or two in Chile. He got a job at Omega Grano and joined the Partido Liberal Renovado. But again, after some time of little inactivity, Art decided to return to the country he calls home: Ireland.


While driving to work one day in the early Summer, Art was stuck hard in an automobile accident, leaving him in a coma for 2 years.


Art returned to his home: Ireland. And for some time he had to leave the eWorld. From Day 585 to Day 1229 of the New World Art was not present. But he returned and saw many changes that had happened to Ireland. He ran for Congress in the newly reconquered region of Dublin. On the Election Day, Dublin was soon conquered again by the United Kingdom. Upon these changes Art decided that it was best that he remove himself from Ireland to a new home: Mexico.


Having learned the native language of the Mexicans, Art decided to live among them. Ha had to wait for the new Congress to accept his Citizenship request. But he stayed a short time in Mexico, having longed to return to Ireland. He just never could stay away for long.


Having finally returned to Ireland Art set out to make his economic empire. Having inherited large sums of money, Art was able to buy and develop prime real estate to build orchards, fishing holes, food factories, and more. At this time the Irish Pound was at roughly 700 to 1 Gold. This had inflated extremely from the 135 to 1 Gold at which Art had previously left from.

Art also become a Commander of a small Irish military unit Irish Freedom Unit.