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Media Module

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Articles are accessible by clicking the headline wherever you can find it (newspaper and news).

Article header

Article read.png

At the top of the page, readers and owners can see:

  • Subscribe – click to subscribe to the newspaper. If the user has already subscribed, it will say "Unsubscribe". The number on the left indicates the number of subscribers. You will encounter a reCAPTCHA for every fifth newspaper you subscribe.
  • Title – the article title.
  • Article information – number of comments, publishing date and country and category.
  • Number of votes – click the "Vote" button to vote. Each citizen can vote once, with no option to cancel the vote.

For the owner

Article edit delete.jpg
Owners have some additional features. On the left, owners can see the following buttons:
  • Edit – clicking will open the edit article screen for the user to modify the article.
  • Delete – clicking will show the confirmation dialogue Are you sure you want to delete this article?; click "OK" to delete.

Note: articles can only be modified or deleted within 30 days of being published.


Article endorsement.png

Readers may choose to support the effort of writing an article by endorsing it. The endorsement is a sum of money that a reader donates to the author of an article directly from the article page. Citizens are given the chance to donate 100, 50 or 5 currency. A list of endorsers is shown at the bottom of the article before the footer. Endorsements are coloured in purple, blue or green, depending on their donation (purple is 100 currency, blue is 50 currency and green is 5 currency).

Plato might endorse an article as well, with 50, 25 or 10 gold. If he does, his name will be displayed with a yellow background and he will be listed first. You can nominate article (either yours or another author's) for gold endorsement by Plato on the forum.

Note: articles can only be endorsed within 7 days of being published.

Article endorsers.png

Article footer

After the header, readers will see the main body of the article. Below it is the footer, that shows:

  • Report – click the link to report the article for breaking one of the rules.
  • Navigation buttons – click the arrows to read the previous or next article in the newspaper.
Article navigation.png


Article comment read.png
Article comment reply.png

Every article allows readers to post comments.
The comments list shows the avatar, username, date, votes and message.
A comment can be deleted only by the article author and the comment poster, only within 30 days of comment being posted.
To report inappropriate comments, click the "Report" link in the top right corner of each comment.
Since day 1,911 readers can reply to or vote other readers' comments.

Article comment write.png

At the very bottom of the page, the reader can leave his or her own comment. Remember to read the rules before commenting.

  • Pager – comments have been divided into pages. There are 50 main comments per page, sorted by posting time (ascending). Clicking "load more comments" will display up to 50 additional comments. Sub-comments don't count in those 50.
  • Your comment – enter your comment in the field and then click the "Post a comment" button. Maximum amount of characters is 5000.

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