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Soon after the end of the Swedish Nobel Prize banquette ended, Emerick and Arkham wrote their take on the events. These are the articles in their entirety.

Emerick - Tales from the Banquet Hall

On Thursday, the Hypogeum, a group created to select Nobel Peace Prize winners announced the winners after a long wait. It was announced two months ago, and they planned to give out the prize every two weeks. However, the plans had changed due to time issues. Said josefstark:

"Since none had done this before.. it was hard to estimate the time it would take, it didn't take two weeks... two months of hard work and organizing both the awards and the banquette gave proof to that, but now that we have a sort of routine I guess work will be little easier"

As the doors to the grand banquet hall opened to me, there were four men there: josefstark, Carradine, Hador, and the mysterious Q. I was greeted warmly and told that drinks wouldn't be served until the guests of honor arrived. Later on, aryamehr and Grev Per showed up. Per was simply dropping off the speech he had prepared, as he had a plane to catch.

After a long wait, watching people from all over the world trickle in and out, and after having a few side conversations, the winners started to appear, the food and drinks were passed out, and the speeches could be read.

First, Josef Stark read two written speeches from the people who couldn't make it.

Misho's speech

Misho, who won the Honorary award: Mr President, members of the Hypogeum, Citizens of eRepublik, ladies and gentlemen! It's a great honour to be rewarded with this Prize.

Josef said, "Don't let the fire die, inspire others!" and this prize sure puts more fuel to that fire!

eRepublik is said to be a sand box, it becomes what you decide to do with it. At the moment I think it's a huge sand box with very few tools in it. Ladies and gentlemen, we are on a walk in the desert! But I do believe that will manage to land this project, they have already attracted investors and both alexis bonte the CEO and George Lemnaru Co-Founder have hinted of very interesting future content that points toward a much more challenging game. Of course, it will be more fun with swimming pools and sand bugs in the desert! So, click twice to at least survive!

The survival of the fittest works here in eRepublik as well, work together, find new ways to co-operate. Think of real life organizations and how they could be implemented here in eRepublik.

The Noble Prize is s living example of it! But what about secret societies like The Freemasonry, what could Svenska Frimurar Orden be in this game..? Or the Royal Family? Sweden is a Constitutional monarchy right..?

Last week I visited a real life meeting in Stockholm, it was great fun to sit down and talk face to face with Flammbar, Cinc, Carradine and Betamjau. I'm sure it wasn't the last time.

Continue to walk in the desert and continue to think outside the sand box, you inspire me!

Thanks again!

Grev Per's speech

Then the one from Grev Per, winner of the Media Prize: Dear audience, It is my utmost pleasure to accept the Nobel Peace Prize for Media Achievement. I would like to also congratulate the Nobel prize winners in the other categories are also well deserving of their recognition.

It is a fine idea this one, rewarding positive and active involvement in this game. Without events like this one, this game has next to nothing. In which case the Hypogeum should also be recognized for their outstanding work and the great idea that this was.

I would like to add a political comment on my own amusement. The fact that I, an enemy of the Swedish state and nation, have won the award for outstanding achievement. The fact that the war-mongering nation of Sweden has no candidates for the Peace Prize. These are also signs of the cultural depravity that is E-Sweden. A nation of 2000 people has barely enough players to fill in the award categories. What does that tell us?

Well, I am honoured and will gladly accept the Swedish state's money. I'm sorry I missed the ceremony. It was my intent to make it, and I am sure I would have enjoyed myself, however, this, unfortunately, was a busy weekend.

It is my sincere hope that I will be able to attend the next event and the following events as simply a guest.

Then, the winners who made it to the event gave their speeches. First, Alleus, who won the Economic Prize: My ladies, gentlemen and Carradine!

I am as thankful for this prize as I am surprised. It's a great honor to receive such a prize like this.

I'm struggling for a better eRepublik in an economically way, and I hope this struggle will spread on all of you.

I firstly want to thank the Swedish government for allowing me to do these crazy ideas. I also want to thank Kaleb who has been one of my idols since I started playing in December 2007. I really don't know what to do with the money, but they will probably go to buy food for the SO's. Finally, a BIG thanks to all of you who have come to listen to me tonight.



Ziggyzag's speech

Ziggyzag, winner of the Politics prize was announced by Josef: josefstark: Now, for the winner of political prize... Sweden's ex-president: Ziggyzag!

Ziggyzag: Thank you very much! =)

As I said I haven't prepared a speech and would just like to say a few words

When I started playing eRepublik in late December I had no idea that I would get so hooked on it. I started as a businessman together with 3 other friends, Lame (nowadays a big shot entrepreneur) being one of them. Later on, I started the newspaper Arbetet. Loved to write.

Sweden was blossoming, and we were taking our first trembling steps. eRepublik was unexplored. Carradine was the President. Doing a great job also, at that time the Congress wasn't as established as it was now. wasn't alive. When he decided to step off, Highwon showed interest for the role as President, so did I. I didn't have any plans for being President, but I ran for office and decided to do my absolute best. I believe that for the first time the Congress was of help for the president. The earlier Presidents had hard work doing everything on their own. On my 2 mandates, I had a lot of help! And I am very grateful

There are a few people I would like to dedicate this prize to...

Ettan, Hydrapunk and Lahitraho. There aren't with us as much as they once were, but they aren't forgotten!

Thank you very much for this prize!

  • Takes a bow and goes back to his seat with a smile on his face =)

The Mentor Sverige (represented by Vectoor) speech

Then Mentor Sverige for the Society Prize: josefstark: Ok.. we actually have Vectoor here, he is from Mentor Sverige an he will speak in their behalf.

Vectoor: I would like to say thank you, on behalf of the organization Mentor Sverige; RadiumHill, Superganja, Gustavus Adolphus, Bartender, pho3nix and me. We all work hard to give guidance to new players. RadiumHill deserves special thanks, he started the organization, and he was the most active of us. He was the one who recruited me in the first place. RadiumHill was actually almost like a mentor to me.

As you can probably see, I am improvising here, and speeches aren't really my strong side.

zentz also deserves mentioning, Unfortunately, he died not long ago, but he will live on, in the eRepublik database and IRL.

I should also mention Ziggyzag, who always supported us, even when we were a bit inactive.

We always only wanted to help others, and the prize money will be used for this.

Thank you!

Final speech

By that time, the wine had been passed around (somebody snuck in beer, oh my!), and apparently some people were having drinking contests... so when josefstark stepped on the platform to say a few words, he was fairly soaked: *Hick*

Ladies, gentlemen... Carradine!

I am honored to have you all here, and I hope that you have all have enjoyed it so far, the wine and the food (gifts) and the speeches.

Especially the wine. *hick*

Now I will pay my thanks to all of you who have made this into what it is.

First and foremost, a very special thanks to all the members of Hypogeum: Mombassa, Otto Antid, Algaroth, Bartulomeus Knall and Mikelianus Bang. All of them are great men that deserves respect.


And then I would like to pay thanks to all of you who showed up here, all of you who followed me through this. Thanks!

The Gifts you all have received is sort of a token of my gratitude you could say (Gift in Swedish means poison by the way ^^)

Also, thanks to Carradine for moderating like the nice child he is, easy as Sunday morning. =D

Now, you may all wonder: What will happen with the Nobel prize?

And I can only say that the fun has only begun. Shortly after the first announcement, the Admin told me of his interest along with Zhuge Liang.

Zhuge was very interested in doing an international Nobel Prize with me and the Admin wanted to sponsor us with gold.

So what can I say, you have not seen the last of this event. Thanks to all of you!

Now if you may I have to dance with Betamjau!

End of the banquette

After the announcement of the international Nobel Prize, I hurried to josef as he finished his dance. When I asked him about it, he told let me read a message from Zhung Liang: Hi, I have talked about the international award idea with Cristesco (Admin). We think it"s a great idea, and he (Cristesco) want to donate some Gold for the project, but I told him to wait until I have talked with you.

As for himself, josef said: My plan is to extend The Swedish Nobel Prize and simply do The Nobel Prize

I bid him adio and let him get back to his partying, because, after that stunning announcement about the international prize, the banquet hall started to party. And party hard. As for me, I pulled josef aside for a few words, picked up a moving ticket, hopped on a plane home, pulled out my laptop, and got to work.

All that's left to do is to see what becomes of the Nobel Prize in the future.

Arkham - The eNobel Prize - The Drunkenness party of the year! We were there!

It was when Cinc, former party leader of DNS slapped FBS Algaroth in the face, everybody understood that the party had gone too far. (arkham's drunk, sry for the bad English)

Today, the distribution of the eNobel Prize wash held in Stockholm. Everybody were there, everybody who are something at least. Former President Carradine, dressed in yellow smoking with a forest-blue tie was there together with Mushmoon. Ziggy visited together with the two ladies Cinc and Betamjau. Minister of Finance, Alleus, with his red cape and Vice Minister of Defence, Hador. And of course, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, josefstark.

Because of the fact that I slept over at Feild’s house, I wasn’t able to make it in time for the ceremony’s start. I managed to see, and take pictures of the speeches of Alleus, Ziggyzag, Veector and Josef himself. After Veector, who spoked for Mentor Sverige, Josef wanted to have a last speech before the party.

Ladies, gentlemen... Carradine! I am honoured to have you all here, and I hope that you have all have enjoyed it so far, the wine and the food (gifts) and the speeches. Especially the wine. *hick* Now I will pay my thanks to all of you who have made this into what it is. First and foremost, a very special thanks to all the members of Hypogeum, Mombassa, OttoAntid, Algaroth, mr Knall and mr Bang. All of them are great men that deserves respect. *hick* And then I would like to pay thanks to all of you who showed up here, all of you who followed me through this. Thanks!

Then all hell broke loss….

Richard Cheese entertained and Josef offered the whole Swedish political elite free beer and wine. But the party got out of hands when Sanguis and Carradine brought drugs into movement inside the far to a small ward. Also, MSAP member Otto Antid started to divide opium among the visitors.

When everybody started to dance, Hador shot himself with a gun, Carradine made Mushmoon pregnant and Otto tried to steal food. Before Josef fainted out, he told the visitors that admin wanted to sponsor an international eNobel prize. After that Carradine threw food at Hador, and Hador answered by throwing up on the ex President, the chaos was de facto!

The big breakthrough of the party came when Cinc slapped Algaroth in the face for peeking under her dress. Carradine came to Cinc’s save, grabbed her ass and got slapped too. Mushmoon urinated on Hador and wrote ”Mushmoon” in the fainted Vice Minister of Defence’s face. While the increasingly horny Carradine grabbed Josef’s ass, Mushmoon shaved Hador's hair. This was the start of a devastating fight between the two politicians, a short fight though. Hador woke up and smashed Mushmoons balls. During the mess, there’s likely true that Otto Antid brought several silver objects from the party and fled.

And with the words, ”Moshpit on the dance floor”, Algaroth started a full scale massacre in the hall of the eNobel Prize. To have the scandal complete, Algaroth bought Toblerone in the bar and Hador declared war upon Norway.

Att 22.12, it’s time for me to leave the building. Hador blocks the way out and Betamjau is running around with a scissor. I managed to sneak out down through a toilet. Running from the party, I can see Hador spanking Cinc...

josefstark commented on the party afterwards:

Free drinks, wonderful speeches from wonderful people, a few dances and fights, that was the Grand Nobel Banquette and we had fun!