Asociación de la Nobleza de España

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The Association for Spanish Nobility (Spanish: La Asociación de la Nobleza de España; abbreviation: A.N.E.) was founded on 27 August 2008 by Rufus Torcuatus Farflay. The Association was created to develop a nobility and monarchy system into the game.

To read more about the Association and to see the list of all nobles, check the main article in Spanish, click Español above.


There are several titles awarded to citizens:

  • Duque/Duquesa
  • Marques/Marquesa
  • Conde/Condesa
  • Vizconde /Vizcondesa
  • Barón/Baronesa
  • Señor/Señora
  • Other titles: Conde-Duque, Almirante and Mariscal


    • BOLETÍN DE LA ASOCIACIÓN DE LA NOBLEZA DE (E) ESPAÑA (B.A.N.E.) - official newspaper of A.N.E.