Associates of General Wellness

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Associates of General Wellness

Party-Associates of General Wellness.png
General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Abbreviation AGW
Forum Party Forums
Colors Red, Green, Yellow
Founded August 2009
Dissolved February 6th 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Naturalist Party of South Africa
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Associates of General Wellness was a Icon-South Africa.png South African party mostly comprised of immigrants from the Icon-USA.png USA, but there was a small group of South African natives in the party as well. The party was created by Travis Granger, a former American politician and businessman following the near takeover of the USA. After Travis left, however, the party saw mild success in politics until February 6th 2010, when it was succeeded by the Naturalist Party of South Africa.

Notable Members

Travis Granger

.....The man who started the Associates of General Wellness. When he and the party arrived in July, he immediately put up his candidacy for the presidential position. However, upon further reviews on the citizens, he quickly resigned.

.....He was then on an unexpected hiatus that lasted around a month, in which case he returned and ran for the AGW party president position that current member Tacointern was running for. Again, he resigned early, and went for a more behind-the-scenes position until the Congressional Elections, where he obtained the highest amount of votes in all of South Africa, and became a congressman in the Limpopo region.


.....When Travis went on an unexpected hiatus in the middle of his party president term, Seisan took it upon himself to lead the AGW while Travis was away, and was later recommended by Travis to lead the party. Seisan wasted little time in making sure the AGW didn't falter by this sudden change in command. Seisan kept the AGW together until the next PP elections when he won a unanimous election.

.....Seisan implemented a few ideas, one of which included the AGW and Co., the party company.

.....When Seisan refused to run for another term, which started the tradition that party presidents only have one term, to allow the party to have a variable amount of leaders. Since the party presidency, Seisan has worked behind-the-stage, improving the AGW in any way he could, and has served two Congressional terms, both of which in the Limpopo region. He has also joined the eSAAF, becoming the commanding officer of the Delta Squad, 2nd Company of the Pretorian Guard.


.....With Seisan declining to run another term, Tacointern stepped up to lead the AGW. With another unopposed election, Taco became party president.

.....He began with a running start, by increasing the AGW's numbers from 80 to 100. During his term, he also became SA's Minister of Mentorship.

.....Under Stryke Blayde's term, he also became a Congressman for Free State.

Stryke Blayde

.....Stryke Blayde mostly helped the AGW in a behind-the-scenes position and continued to do so until deciding to run for party president. In the PP elections, he ran in, it was the AGW's first competitive election, as there were three other candidates. Come Election day, however, a hacked AGW member ran for PP, which forced the candidates to force all their votes on Stryke, who won.

.....As PP, Stryke started brainstorms about helping SA, but ultimately had no success in getting the ideas initiated into eRepublik.

.....While helping backstage, Stryke joined the eSAAF, and became the CO of the Enfield Squad, 2nd Company of the Pretorian Guard. When his PP term expired, Stryke went on a hiatus for a week in Icon-Russia.png Russia and came back when SA went to war with Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia. When he came back, he ran for Congress in Free State and succeeded.

Matt Beta

.....Matt Beta helped the AGW in a behind-the-scenes position for a while, until deciding to run for Congress. After succeeding, he helped institute the AGW's official paper. He also helped run the AGW and CO organization, the party's official organization. When he ran for Party President, an untimely hack left him and the others to decide to force all the votes on Stryke Blayde, who would consequently win.

.....Since that time, Matt Beta has become a Congressman one other time. He also momentarily left SA to pursue a political career in Icon-Canada.png Canada, but returned within a week (or two). He also had a brief participation in the SAL party, but later returned to the AGW.


.....Champinator began his political career fairly early by becoming a Congressman. He contributed to the AGW party constantly and continued to run for Congress subsequent times, becoming Congressman each time.

.....When he decided to run for AGW party president, an untimely hack left him and the others to decide to force all the votes on Stryke Blayde, who would consequently win.

.....Since then, he has become a Congressman two more times, coming to a total of five times. In addition to that, he has become eSouth Africa's ambassador to Icon-Spain.png Spain and Icon-South Korea.png South Korea.

.....On day 800 (Jan 28, 2010) he declared his presidential candidacy. However, he ended up last (3rd) winning only 31 votes (13,5 %).