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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth 7 November 2009 (Day 718)
Date of death May 2010
Residence NSW
Sex Male
Senator of New South Wales
26 Jan 2010 – May 2010 (est)
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Astintus was a Citizen of Australia, born on 7 November, 2009.

Although a relatively young player Astintus is doggedly determined, writing his own newspaper The Daily Smarts, fighting for his country as a Captain alongside other members of the Australian Army Reserves in Hotel Squad and has just gained Senatorship in NSW as a member of the Australian Independents, a hotly contested position due to the huge amount of votes required.

Astintus is endlessly supported and encouraged by his ePartner in crime Blue Rayne.


Astintus was employed by Persephone's Harvest which he also managed alongside it's sister company Demeter's Bounty with his ePiC Blue Rayne.

Astintus had a land skill of 5 (Day 807).

Astintus has earnt 5 Hard Worker achievement medals.


Astintus was a proud member of the Australian Army Reserves, serving in Hotel Squad.


Astintus is a former member of the Australian Independents and Australian Military Party.

Astintus was elected to the Australian Senate for the term of January/February 2010, representing New South Wales. He has since been elected three more occasions into Congress in New South Wales, in the February/March, March/April and one more undefined (most likely April/May) Senate terms.


Astintus was jointly managing Persephone's Harvest & Demeter's Bounty with his ePiC Blue Rayne. He was also the general manager of the Blue Sky Company, an organization which he was expecting big things.


Astintus owns the newspaper called The Daily Smarts and had 9 subscribers. In a candid interview at the Delirium Reigns Astintus admitted that the name for his newspaper came not from the obvious interpretation that his paper would be published daily or that he intended to be witty or smart but from the fact that it would hurt or smart to read it.