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Auk Rest

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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
Date of birth November 4, 2009
Date of death November 2018 (est)
Residence British Columbia
Sex Male
Congress member of Manitoba
April 26 2010 – May 25 2010
Congress member of Ontario
December 26 2010 – January 25 2011
Congress member of Canada
September 26 2012 – December 25 2012
January 26 2013 – April 25 2013
August 26 2013 – September 25 2013
November 26 2013 – December 25 2013
Party president of The Canadian Progressive Front
August 15 2012 – November 16 2012
Preceded by Funky Hum24n
Succeeded by Randall Flagg 1999
January 16 2013 – February 15 2013
Preceded by Randall Flagg 1999
Succeeded by Funky Hum24n
May 16 2013 – June 15 2013
Preceded by Dozzer_x
Succeeded by klop123
Vice President of Canada
August 6 2013 – August 28 2013
Served under klop123
Preceded by Umbra Bellator
Succeeded by Pat Harper
Speaker of Congress of Canada
August 28 2013 – September 25 2013
Preceded by Funky Hum24n
Succeeded by Muglack
Vice President of Canadian Progressive Front
March 16 2014 – April 15 2014
Preceded by Jacks Broken Heart
Succeeded by TheSmoke
Minister of Internal Affairs of Canada
May 6 2014 – May 20 2014
Served under DMV3
Military rank Icon rank God of War*.png God of War*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Auk Rest was a citizen of Flag-Canada.jpg Canada and a long time member of The Canadian Progressive Front and its military army, The Praetors.

He served six terms in Congress on their behalf and three times as Party President from August 16, 2012, to November 15 2012, and two more non consecutive terms of January-February and May-June 2013. He was Vice President of Canada under the klop123 administration from August-September and later as Speaker of Congress for September-October.

Owner and editor of the New Era Times and after he retired from the politics, he focused on revitalizing the Praetors Military Unit.

Finnish Beginnings

Auk Rest was born into the New World on November 3, 2009, in the streets of Turku in Flag-Finland.jpg Western Finland. He was born in a time of war. Russia had started invading Finland because of PEACE GC's invasion of many EDEN countries. Auk Rest already had a disliking of PEACE GC since it had invaded his home country. He found work in the grain industry for the Soot Farm Co. The wages were not very good, but they were enough to keep him working hard. He tried to stay loyal to the company, but advancement within the company wasn't an option and he left in search of better pay.

Later, after Russia and Latvia attacked Finland again, he wondered if there were greener pastures out there in the eWorld. He bought a moving ticket but did not decide a place to travel to. Eventually, he stayed in Finland and opened up a newspaper, New Era Times. For now, his military career would have to take pause as he sought out to write articles in his newspaper and work as a normal citizen would do.

One day when returning from work in the fields and walking along the Turku streets, he came across kurtmann slumped on the side of a building. He looked close to death, so Auk looked around and gave him some good hardy food. The next day, he saw kurtmann again and did the same, handing him some medicine this time. This continued until kurtmann was strong and nursed back to health. He thanked Auk Rest for all they had done and the two became friends.

Travels Abroad

Auk decided to leave Finland for better wages and work in Norway. He did not stay for long, and kept in contact with kurtmann. Auk traveled along for better wages and work in Greece and later briefly in China. His whole journey lasted only two weeks, and when he was done he was not ready to return to Finland, instead, he looked to a new horizon.


On December 31 2009, he moved and became a citizen of Flag-Canada.jpg Canada. He quickly joined the Canadian Progressive Front party. He also set about changing his newspaper. He set out to become more involved with Canada and became a contributor to society there. He became more active in the Canadian Progressive Front and overall Canadian politics. He originally settled in Ontario, where he lived for most of his early life in Canada.

Settling Back In and Congress

He was concerned at what the Canadian Progressive Front had turned to. The party president Acacia Mason had left over an issue with Prime Minister jbdivinus, which most of the CPF shared. Despite this, he contacted the Canadian Progressive Front about a possible congressional run in New Brunswick. After a few days, he was recontacted by the new party president and approved to run in New Brunswick. The race was close and Auk Rest was denied a seat by one vote only.

As March passed by, he received word that kurtmann was dead. He had gone bankrupt in his new company and could not handle it. By then, the two had not spoken for a very long time, and the memory of kurt was not so strong, and he had work to do with the Canadian Progressive Front. Them and his newspaper were some of his only preoccupations.

He prepared for the March elections, hoping to win this time around, and with more support. He lost, and the CPF emerged with only 9 congress seats, much lower than the months prior. He quickly clambered to get a nice bit of turf in Manitoba before the new Q5 hospital was introduced, becoming one of the first to live there under the new hospital.


Auk's newspaper, New Era Times, by now had a niche of readers in Canada that liked his war reports and other regular articles. He toned down his view for politics after the April 2010 presidential elections and went hard to work in journalism. He published regular articles in Canada, including in-depth war reviews and also several articles were printed back to Finland.

As well as being a better journalist, he also now was invited by the Canadian Progressive Front into the Praetors for Team 120. The Praetors were an elite group of fighters within Canada and Auk was honored to be part of the process. He was promoted to sergeant of his platoon and was now in charge of five soldiers for the time being. In addition to this, he was promoted to the 2nd Vice President for Canadian Progressive Front. He made good friends in the CPF, including Tyler F Durden, Addy Lawrence, Scotty Wilkinson, Funky Hum24n, Wilhelm Gunter, Quado, Homeless Joe, Spencer Magee, Curtis L, James McNamara and others.

Political Entrances

Auk Rest was encouraged to run for the CPF in Manitoba in the April congressionals, and he agreed. He tried to sell his candidacy on his loyal party experience and political flag, as well as his common sense thinking and ideas concerning the approaching V2. He tied for first place and was now qualified for a congress seat.

Being a congress member, he also continued his relations with the Praetors as well as continuing to be 2nd Vice President of Canadian Progressive Front, though he would cede the position to CrazyMofo13 in May.

Spearheaded by Addy Lawrence, he voted along with him to increase VAT, but it was voted down.

That May, he lost elections in Alberta due to the popularity of his running mate Tyler F Durden. He was in no way disappointed, as he looked up to Tyler.

The Decay of V2

Auk Rest continued to be an active participant in the CPF, and was a silent "guardian" and now a senior member of the CPF. He was greatly saddened that Tyler was gone and that Addy had lost the presidency in June. He bore his way through jbdivinus winning the party presidency after an abrupt return and then PimpDollaz holding the party hostage. After CrazyMofo13 was elected new PP of the CPF, he thought that the CPF would be a party stronger than the others in the new V2, but unfortunately, he was wrong. The congress participation was pathetic, and Crazy himself committed suicide to the party and then himself over an argument with JB Furglar, putting PimpDollaz back in control of the party. In August, Addy Lawrence won back the PP, but Addy's activity and all member's participation in the game had significantly dropped since PimpDollaz had first taken the party hostage in late June.

The months of August and September were much the same as before with Auk. In October, he briefly split from the CPF and attained party president of a dead party, which he renamed the Anarchist Party as a dummy party for the CPF, all of this only for his own amusement in the depressing days of V2. He kept it around until the presidential elections, where he endorsed Kazuo Leblanc. After casting his vote for Kazuo, he decided to take a vacation across the globe, starting in Portugal. He was so tired of the world, he needed something new.

Trips Abroad

He traveled to Portugal and other locations abroad because he was tired with V2 and the current pessimistic tides surrounding the CPF. He lived in Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal before moving to Flag-France.png France and then finally to Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgium.

In Belgium, he met Yano Chichelin and the two became good friends. Auk thought about retiring in Belgium, since he had become less and less active. One day though, Yano was thought to be assassinated by opponents to his paper the Yano Tribune. Auk, with nowhere else to turn to, decided to call the vacation and head back to Canada.

Brief Revitalization

He returned to Flag-Canada.jpg Canada and decided to reinvigorate himself and the party to activity levels from before V2. Under Green Hawk all was going fine, but Green Hawk was banned midway through the party presidency. Auk became director of CPF Media Affairs and wrote several newspaper articles for the CPF. Because of this work and other activity in the CPF he won a seat in congress in December 2010. His term was mostly uneventful, but the tides were changing in the CPF and Canada.

Addy Lawrence had decided to create his own little political party, MOO (Ministry of Opportunity), and the CPF was slipping in numbers. In January 2011, the CPF slipped out of the Top 5 political parties, a big decline. Though the CPF had Wilhelm Gunter at its stead, Auk was demoralized by all that had occurred in Canada also, with multiple scandals involving Wes Lewis and Rolo Tahmasee.

Auk's End

Shortly into February of 2011, he decided to retire from Canada and after saying goodbye to his friends and party he moved to the newly created lands of Flag-Egypt.jpg Egypt. He acquired Egyptian citizenship and essentially waited for his days to end, which they eventually did, or so he thought.


He awoke sometime in April of 2012 in Egypt. He knew after all this time that he had to go back to Canada and find out what had happened. He departed from Egypt on a plane straight for Canada. Once there, he was granted citizenship again and found Canada had changed ever so much. There was still a scandal, but he found it good to be among friends again.

He learned that in his absence, MOO had been very successful before its takeover and that Addy Lawrence had been president multiple times. Funky Hum24n and a handful of others had kept the CPF alive with just a few members through most of 2011, and it now had begun surging with new members on its path back. He knew many of his friends were dead but some still remained and there were new faces also. He was ready for a new day.

He began to learn rumors that his old time friend Yano Chichelin was still alive, and decided to investigate. He also decided to reopen the New Era Times.

Party Presidency

He rejoined the CPF as it catapulted itself back from the depths of obscurity and back into the Top 5. After the takeover of EPIC, Canadian Progressive Front gained some former members of EPIC, and the War with America caused other Canadians who had left to come back, and they too bolstered the numbers of the CPF. Funky Hum24n announced the end of his tenure as Party Presidency, and Auk decided to fill the void. In a fairly close election for CPF party president standard, Auk won with 52% of the vote, 36 to 23 against GeneralJacob6042. He was determined to carry on for the party and followed closely by Funky's example.

Although he only intended on being a one-term party president and a temporary station, it turned into much more. He successfully led the party after Funky's departure and the CPF began growing and growing until it was the second most populous party in Canada. He continued to show off the party's strength in Congress and nominated ElPatoDiablo, a newer player with great promise to the presidency. ElPato's campaign was strong but he was defeated in a three way race between himself, Tyrael Snow and Wally Cleaver.

He decided to run for reelection, not once but twice after careful thought and lead the CPF forward. The CPF continued to grow, becoming the #1 party in Canada. He created strong ties with Clan Wolf through the party's new PP Quimbie Muffins and united the parties elected ElPatoDiablo in October and reelected him in November. He also befriended United Party of Canada. The CPF showed itself as a powerful force, helping thwart PTOs of Clan Wolf and the UPC in the October and November party president elections, and elected ElPatoDiablo to a second term despite losing Clan Wolf support, who nominated Foxfire for the presidency.

Auk Rest, tired after three terms did not think on a fourth term very positively, and encouraged someone to challenge him. The challenge was answered with Randall Flagg 1999 and Jaffle putting their names down. Randall Flagg won the Primary and went on to be elected in the general election.

Post Party Presidency

He continued to be active in the party after stepping down as Party President. However, Canada had been totally occupied by Spain starting in January with a total wipe in February.

He was Party President two more times, January-February and May-June terms, but he personally viewed both as failures and was disappointed with the lack of success of both and so decided to retire from the Party Presidency permanently - or at least for a significant amount of time.

Overall Canada had completely been undone by the invasion, losing massive amounts of players and having other players become inactive or leave the country, causing massive decadence in all political parties. The CPF was certainly not spared and underwent difficult times.

During the summer of 2013, Auk was involved in a governmental discussion with Spain to get Canada's regions back, and was the Vice President of Canada under klop123 from August-September.

Military offices
Preceded by
Yano Chichelin
Commander of the The Praetors
September 17, 2013 - June 26, 2014
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Yano Chichelin
2nd Commander of the The Praetors
June 29, 2014 - N/A
Succeeded by