Australia-Indonesia War

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Australian-Indonesian War
Map of Australian-Indonesian War
Date April 2010 –
Location Asia - Oceania
Result Western Australia part of Australia once more
Territorial Changes Western Australia
Fights 38113
Flag-Australia.jpg Australia Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Australia.jpg Xavier Griffith Flag-Indonesia.jpg Arya Gunawan


This war was the Australian response to the Second Indonesia-Australia War, during which Australia lost Western Australia. The motion to declare war on Indonesia was officially passed by the Australian Senate on April 26, 2010 [1].

On 888 (April 26, 2010), Australia was officially at war once more with Indonesia

Battles Fought

So far there has only been one battle in this war - the Battle of Western Australia.

This battle ended with a Victory for Australia, who successfully took back the region. The Battle Hero for Australia in this battle was Widdows9000, who did 64967 damage. The Battle Hero for Indonesia was NicoSianipar (who did 55219 damage).

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