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AK47.jpg This page has been saved as historical information

This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Australian Army Regulars

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General Information
Disbanded 2011
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Colors Blue and Gold
Type Volunteer
Part of Regulars

The Australian Army Regulars was the core of the Australian Defence Force.

It has known several different names since is creation, such as the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Australian Citizens Army Reserves (ACAR), and the Australian Army Reserves (AAR)

In June 2010, it was renamed theAustralian Armed Resistance. It has since been renamed once again to the Australian Defence Force. The following information is of Historical Value only, as AAR has been replaced by the ADF, following the introduction of Military units.


When the AAR was still named ACAR, its leader was Ottogustavo, who is believed to have to lead this military group from approximately May onwards.

With the creation of Australian Military Marshals, Ottogustavo was replaced by Garven Dreis. Garven Dreis was later replaced by his second in charge, Dean Kong.

Dean Kong then was replaced in November by Bass Junkie.

In December, Bass Junkie was replaced by Calbe, who made Dylan of the Darkness his XO.

Schoft took power as the AAR Marshal in early January and appointed Etheodoria Vulpine the role of AAR Marshal.

Almost 1 month on Schoft was promoted to Drop Bear Marshal and Larni Kaddlestorm was made the new AAR dMarshal, Hinokai became the AAR dMarshal and Blue Rayne became the Quartermaster General of the AAR.

On February the 20th Manic Frenzy became the new AAR Marshal with Hinokai remaining as the dMarshal.

Manic Frenzy's time as AAR Marshal did not last long and after a sudden resignation and much confusion Hinokai, the dMarshal for some time had finally become the AAR Marshal and M0TT0M was made the AAR dMarshal in early March.

Following M0TT0M's banning, Bowen Eley was appointed dMarshal in mid-March.

Bowen Eley resigned from dMarshall in mid-April due to RL issues, but came back shortly afterwards.

During May, Hinokai resigned from the position of Marshall, leaving Bowen Eley to take the reins.


The AAR last structure was made up of two platoons. Within each platoon were four squads of a maximum of 12 members. This method ensured the quickest route of communication to members, without burdening any level of command.

Within each squad were embedded two additional units.

Death Squad

The Death Squad were all soldiers capable of qualifying for the ACUK or DropBears but are landlocked. During times of war, they were activated to wreak additional havoc on the enemy.

Black Beret

The Black Beret was an elite mobile unit within the AAR. Their function is classified.


Last known command of the AAR was as follows:

1 Platoon

  • Bravo Squad
    • Bravo Squad CO- Kinshela
    • Bravo Squad XO- ::Vacant::

2 Platoon

  • Echo Squad
    • Echo Squad CO- ALVBEL
    • Echo Squad XO- ::Vacant::
  • Foxtrot Squad
    • Foxtrot Squad CO- AussieMick
    • Foxtrot Squad XO- ::Vacant::


Originally, the Australian Army Reserves had been the only Australian Military branch that did not have restrictions on entry, with the small exception of being active in answering Roll Calls each week. As of January the 23rd, 2010, The Australian Army Reserves was changed from open membership for anyone interested in joining, to having a small list of requirements for recruits wanting to join.

The reasoning for this was the fact that the Australian Army Reserves has increased dramatically in size, having approximately 80 members at the time, which was roughly the same as both the DropBears and the Australian Commando Unit Koalas combined.

Activity requirement in answering and Roll call still applied since this change (it was previously the only requirement to be in the AAR). Since that time, applicants had to be active and to:

Completion of Boot camp was preferred before signing up to the Australian Army Reserves.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp or Australian Defence Training was considered to be the first step for an Australian citizen to undertake when joining the Australian Military. This program was designed to help show the citizen all the intricacies involved in playing the game, such as fighting with and without weapons (and the difference between both), gifting, deploying overseas, and using hospitals. A portion of each month's Australian budget is given towards funding this program so that soldiers' basic competence is improved.

This program was piloted by Ranger Bob during his second term as Minister of Defence and continued was officially adopted the next month when he became Prime Minister. The last leader of the Boot Camp is believed to be Majester.

The requirements are:

  • An Australian Citizen in eRepublik.
  • Level 5 - 15.
  • Wellness of at least 40 to begin.
  • Membership to the Aus Citizen group on Australian eRepublik Forums.

Previous Marshals

Name Month And Year XO.
Ottogustavo Before Marshall system N/a
Garven Dreis Dean Kong
Dean Kong Bass Junkie
Bass Junkie November 2009
Calbe December 7, 2009 Dylan of the Darkness
Schoft January 8, 2010 Etheodoria Vulpine
Larni Kaddlestorm February 7, 2010 Hinokai
Manic Frenzy February 20, 2010 Hinokai
Hinokai March 2 2010 M0TT0M
Hinokai March 12 2010 Bowen Eley
Bowen Eley April 25 2010 Majester


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