Australian Diggers

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Australian Diggers


General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Region New South Wales
Colors Silver and Black
Total Soldiers 70
Commanded by Miss Wolf
2nd Commander venja
1st Regiment Captain Uday Jordan
2nd Regiment Captain Raphael Saints

Australian Diggers or AD is an independent Military Unit in Australia. It was created by Arthinian on day 1,364.

Australian Diggers accept citizens of any strength or rank.


The main goals of the Australian Diggers are:

  1. The protection and prosperity of Australia.
  2. To protect smaller Countries from blatant bullying by a larger entity.
  3. To assist and protect Australia's allies.

Previous Commanders

Position Name
First Commander Arthinian
Second Commander Wally Willson
Third Commander Someguy9123
Forth Commander Ouke Stinos
Fifth Commander (est) Miss Wolf

Known members

This is the list of known members of the Diggers who were not commanders: