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Australian Warlord

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Aussie warlord.jpg
Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth 08 February 2009 - Day 446
Date of death summer 2009
Residence Ukraine
Newspaper Aussie Warlord Mercury
Congress member of Australia
Military rank Icon rank Captain*.png Captain*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Australian Warlord, aka AW, was an Australian born political agitator and staunch advocate for full Independence of Australian territory by military action.

AW has a certain notoriety in Australia for his views, as many citizens and most politicians in Australia see diplomatic solution as the best way to see the return of Australian territory.

He founded the Australian Legion in order to assist Australian fight for the return of Indonesian held Australian territory. Most of the legion's campaigns have been based around the Romania-Indonesian conflict.

He died sometime in the summer of 2009 in Ukraine from permanent banning.


Australian Warlord will be best remembered for his contributions to the Australian Media. His newspaper, Aussie Warlord Mercury currently had 121 subscriptions, despite his banning, and this newspaper was even more widely read when he was alive.

His newspaper was read by many many people, and whilst people frequently didn't agree with what he said, he nevertheless brought much needed debate into the Australian Media.

Australian Warlord Quotes

On his Political stance:
"...I'm not here to play pretend politics"

In Response to a question about his stance on Indonesia:
"It's quite simple, full political & territorial freedom [for Australia] and I don't care about the Romanian/Indonesian battle. If not then I'll continue supporting Romania."

On fighting for full Australian freedom from Indonesia:
“Currently a resistance war in occupied territories is a waste of time. So currently i[t]s a matter of fighting for freedom via Romania."
"The future depends on whether we actually gain our freedom. If we do, then there's no need to continue fighting.”



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