Austria-PEACE Resistance War

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Austria-PEACE Resistance War
Map of Austria-PEACE Resistance War
Date 27 March 2009 -

12 April 2009
Location Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Result leads to liberation of Austria
Austro-German Union effectively dissolved
Territorial Changes Germany loses all but one Austrian region,
Italy and Slovenia gain several regions,
Independent Austria created in Styria
Flag-Germany-Austria.jpg Germany-Austria
Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Flag-Slovenia.jpg Slovenia

On 27 March 2009, shortly after Germany-Austria joined ATLANTIS, PEACE Global Community forces moved into former regions of Austria in order to ignite the Austria-PEACE Resistance War. Austria had already made the decision to merge with Germany a month earlier, but when Austro-German leaders voted to join ATLANTIS, many Austrians became enraged and as many Austrian people never wanted to be unionized with Germany, they asked for help from PEACE GC. PEACE troops in Austria then started the first fight in the Austria-PEACE Resistance War in the region of Carinthia.

By 4 April 2009, Carinthia [1], Lower Austria [2], Salzburg [3], Tyrol [4], Styria [5] and Upper Austria [6] were all freed into a new Austrian state. The Austrian President, Silent Bob, then declared war on Italy and Slovenia, deciding to give them most of the Austrian regions for protection.
Since Austria had a very small population and weak economy, it was decided to give away all but one region to PEACE allies, as the country could not support them. It was agreed that once the population in Austria started to rise, they would have more of their regions back. President Metallon stated [7] that once 40 people vote in the elections, i.e. there are more than 40 active players, the region of Lower Austria would be returned.


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