Austrian Socialist Movement

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Austrian Socialist Movement

Party-Austrian Socialist Movement.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Abbreviation ASM
National rank 5
Colors Red, White
Founded 16 December 2011
President capoqwer
Vice President Michellon
Councillor capoqwer
Members 4
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian
Old logos of ASM

The Austrian Socialist Movement (December 2011- ) is a Socialist party, that is active in Icon-Austria.png Austria. As there is no socialist ideology ingame, they took officially Libertarian ideology. It is one of the biggest parties in Austria and their biggest success was achieved in 2014 when 10 Presidents elected were from ASM.


The movement itself was founded by Balkan Beast in November 2011, he had hoped to create a socialist party which would embrace Nationalistic principles. For a month he recruited supporters both within the country and abroad to rally around the cause, because of this large amount of support the party was able to be officially founded on December 16th 2011.

ASM December-January 2011/2012

The first month of the ASM's existence was a period of great growth for the party. Since its founding it had experienced a constant increase in membership, and influence within the country. During this month the ASM successfully gotten 6 of its members into Congress, shown itself as a legitimate party to the elder eAustrians, and supported A.Emmerich for the presidency.

ASM February 2012-June 2012

Much had changed for the party in such a short time, it had maintained its success in the congress elections, but had began to grow less rapidly. Many former comrades quit eRepublik, or left the country to search for better opportunities. Despite this though, Balkan Beast began efforts to increase activity on the ASM sub forum by proposing referendums to implement guidelines for the party.

ASM New Era

Since June 2012 the ASM acquired a new political system based on a Center-Left ideology, this change was possible because of Gullberg, he planned a Socialist party which can resist the far-right influence which was starting to stay in the ASM. Since this point the ASM fights for a free Austria as well as a fair conditions for new people who gained a lot of influence in the party, the traditional far-left nationalistic values have been decreased and a Center-left party was created which continues working for the goal of a free, fair and solidarity community.


The ASM-Kantine is a project developed in the Austrian Socialist Movement whose goal is to help the new people to start in Austria, depending on the enemies that you've defeated, the ASM-Kantine gives you some quantity of food to allow you to fight more and also it's a great source to implement the new members in the community, first manager of the ASM-Kantine was wschwabe and the distribution of supplies was possible due to donations. Status of ASM-Kantine is currently unknown.

ASM in Austria

The Austrian Socialist Movement cooperated with most of the parties of Austria, such as the Osterreich Independence Party, the Party of the Horny Princess, the Austrian Royal Party and especially with the Austrian Communist Party whose members are always welcome in the ASM as ACP shares a similar ideology with ASM.

ASM Constitution

1. The Basics

1.1. The Austrian Socialist Movement is a political party established in eAustria.

1.2. The Austrian Socialist Movement is a democratic center-left political party with a liberal ideology.

1.2.1. No one of the members can change it’s ideology or political situation.

1.3. The Austrian Socialist Movement was established in December of 2011.

1.4. The Austrian Socialist Movement has no Military Unit.

1.5. The Austrian Socialist Movement respects the democratic laws of eAustria.

2. Clause One-The Name

2.1. The party shall be formally known as “Austrian Socialist Movement”.

2.1.1. The party abbreviation is and will be “ASM”.

2.2. The name of the party is the main symbol of it and cannot be changed unless:

2.2.1. A contest is convened by the president. To begin the contest,a president needs the approval of 4 of the 5 cabinet people of the party which were presented as the cabinet in the official candidacy. To begin the contest,the president needs the support of 70% of the members which participates in a public referendum.

2.2.2. All the members are invited to participate in the contest.

2.2.3. To be approved,a proposal of the new name shall obtain at least 51% of the total votes.

3. Clause Two-Logo and Motto

3.1. The Austrian Socialist Movement must always have a logo.

3.1.1. The conditions to fulfill to begin the contest are established in the point 2.2 and are the same criteria as the name contest. All the party members can propose a new logo. To be established as the official logo,the proposal needs the approval of the 51% of the total votes.

3.2. The logo of the ASM can change it’s colour in special occasions, but that change can never last more than 3 days.

3.3. The official colours of the ASM are: Red and White.

3.4. The president can propose a motto for the party without a consensus.

3.4.1. If 40% of the total members that participate in an official referendum reject the motto,it must be erase as the official motto.

4. Clause Three-Membership

4.1. All the eAustrian Citizens are allowed to become members of the Austrian Socialist Movement.

4.1.1. All Members commit to serve the eAustrian democratic laws

4.2. All the eAustrian Citizens are welcome to the Austrian Socialist Movement without discriminations of:gender,nationality,religion,race or language.

4.3. As it’s stated in the amendment 1.4,the Austrian Socialist Movement has no Military Unit.

4.3.1. The Austrian Socialist Movement,collaborate with the Armed Forces of Austria.

4.3.2. The Austrian Socialist Movement encourage it’s member to join the Armed Forces of Austria.

4.3.3. The Austrian Socialist Movement can’t discriminate a person for his belonging to other Military Units.

4.4. The Austrian Socialist Movement encourage it’s members to become congress-members.

4.5. The Congress list will be determined by the Party President according to the game mechanics.

4.6. No person can’t obligate another member to not participate in any election.

4.7. Members of other parties of Austria will be welcome in the Austrian Socialist Movement,except in cases of PTO.

4.8. The Austrian Socialist Movement can and is encouraged to ask for help to other parties if a PTO situation exists.

4.9. All the members can freely use the party feed.

5. Clause Four-The President

5.1. The President is elected by the members,to serve the party and it’s members.

5.2. All the Austrian Socialist Movement members,are allowed to present themselves for the Party President position.

5.3. The Austrian Socialist Movement grant a free and fair elections without any type of discrimination to any candidate.

5.4. The Austrian Socialist Movement encourage the candidates for the Presidency to present an official candidacy and a cabinet.

5.5. The following positions are recommended for the Party Cabinet: Vice-President, Secretary General, Councillor, Spokesman.

5.6. The Austrian Socialist Movement President,can only use English/Deutsch/both to communicate with the members,those are the Austrian Official languages and are respected by the Austrian Socialist Movement.

6. Clause Five-ASM Tax and ASM-Kantine

6.1. All the members of the Austrian Socialist Movement that have entered in the congress must pay a tax of 2 golds of the 5 that are rewarded.

6.1.2. If a member doesn’t pay the tax,he/she will be excluded from the congress list or will be placed in the bottom places in future elections.

6.1.3. The money will be collected by the President and will be allocated in the ASM-Kantine and in the purchase of weapons for the party members.

6.2. The ASM-Kantine is a public institution sponsored by the Austrian Socialist Movement which helps the young players.

6.2.1. The assistance measures to the young players will be determined by the General Manager.

7. Clause Six-The Austrian Socialist Movement in eAustria and Internationally

7.1. The Austrian Socialist Movement will participate actively in the eAustrian politics.

7.2. The Austrian Socialist Movement will collaborate actively with all the democratic parties of eAustria.

7.3. The members of the Austrian Socialist Movement can move freely to other party to avoid PTO situations.

7.4. The Austrian Socialist Movement can freely associate with other parties all around the eWorld.

7.5. The Austrian Socialist Movement can join international communities of parties which have similar points of view.

7.6. The Austrian Socialist Movement can fusion with other party,only if the following requirements are fulfilled.

7.6.1. It must be approved by 4 of the 5 cabinet members assigned in the official candidacy in the candidate presentation.

7.6.2. It must be approved by 70% of the total members.

7.6.3. It Must be approved by the other party representatives.

7.7. No President can erase or use the Austrian Socialist Movement for his/her own purposes.

8. Clause Seven-Official Communication places

8.1. The only official forum of the Austrian Socialist Movement is :

8.2. The Austrian Socialist Movement has it’s own IRC channel which can be used for party meetings.

8.2.1. The official Channel in IRC of the Austrian Socialist Movement is:#Austria-Socialist-Movement.

8.3. The Austrian Socialist Movement encourage the use of the Official Austrian Channels: #austria,#autarmy.

8.4. The Austrian Socialist Movement encourage the use of the party feed and the creation of newspapers by it’s members.

9. Clause Eight-Ratification and Future Amendments

9.1. The President is the only person who can add or erase amendments in the Austrian Socialist Movement Constitution.

9.2. To be ratificated is needed:

9.2.1. The 60% of the total votes in the public referendum.

9.2.2. The approval of the President.

9.2.3. The approval of 3 of the 5 members of the Austrian Socialist Movement Cabinet.

Approved by the President

Approved by the Cabinet

Approved by the Members

The First ASM constitution was approved with a 100% of the total votes.

Austrian Presidents from ASM

Citizen2189300.jpg Vreath (May 2012)

Citizen4607333.jpg Prince of Austria (Feb 2013)

Citizen6248942.jpg yst31 (Aug 2013, Sep 2013, Feb 2014)

Citizen7321973.jpg capoqwer (Apr 2014, May 2014, Mar 2015)

Citizen5931338.jpg wschwabe (Nov 2014, Dec 2014)

Party Presidents

Icon position party president.gif Party Presidents Tenure Note
Citizen1578413.jpg Balkan Beast December 2011 - Febuary 2012
March 2012 - May 2012
Founder 1st President
Citizen2189300.jpg Vreath February 2012 - March 2012 2nd President
Citizen2449971.jpg Pertazeta May 2012 - June 2012 3rd President
Citizen3574976.jpg Gullberg June 2012 - October 2012 4th president
Citizen5931338.jpg wschwabe October 2012 - December 2012
September 2015 - October 2015
5th President
Citizen6151778.jpg KrennyX December 2012 - June 2013 6th President
Citizen6248942.jpg yst31 June 2013 - December 2013
January 2014 - March 2014
7th President
Citizen7321973.jpg capoqwer December 2013 - January 2014
March 2014 - June 2014
July 2014 - August 2015
November 2015 - Present
8th President
Unknown Person.jpg denischu June 2014 - July 2014 9th President
Unknown Person.jpg Michellon October 2015 - November 2015 10th President