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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

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Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.



We Die For A Free South Africa

General Information
Founded September 7, 2008
Disbanded N/A
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Region Independent South African Republic
Colors Black, Red, Gold
Type Paramilitary
Part of Black Lion Front
(South African Armed Forces)

The Azandicas were the official paramilitary wing of the Black Lion Front active in South Africa and the Independent South African Republic.


The Azandicas were formed by BLF member Leif Archaix following the August 2008 elections in South Africa and immediately enacted by party president Esteban Delgado as a guerrilla group fighting for the cause of an independently sovereign South Africa free from Croatian invaders.

Following the Proclamation of South African Sovereignty and creation of the Independent South African Republic, the Azandicas were enlisted as part of the Armed Forces of the Independent South African Republic (AFISAR).

The disbanding of the Independent South African Republic, the South African Independence League (SAIL) and AFISAR as well as the liberation of South Africa from the Zockyist government brought Azandicas action to a close until May 2009. In the congressional elections, Brazil politically took over South Africa and split its remaining five provinces with Indonesia through a short war. This action sparked the re-creation of SAIL and the mobilization of the Azandicas.


No member of the paramilitary wing may be a part of the political wing of the Black Lion front at the same time although leadership of both may be politicians within the party. Political activity stagnated the movement and deployment of troops in South Africa, so it is avoided.

The leaders of the Azandicas were Ines Schumacher, who was also the last BLF president before the May 2009 Brazilian takeover, Esteban Delgado, and Rico Suave.

As most South Africans were exiled around the world, the Azandicas coordinated each other internationally preparing to lead the revolutionary war of independence in South Africa in the coming days. The central battleground of the Azandicas however, remained on South African home turf in the territories occupied by both Indonesia and Brazil.

Because the Azandics operated primarily as a militia guerrilla force, weapons, gifts, and food were rarely distributed to the majority. Each soldier was expected to provide their own upkeep.

Relation to the South African Armed Forces

Two Azandicas soldiers in gear.

The Azandicas are not officially a part of the South African Armed Forces even though they were once the majority and leadership of the Armed Forces of the Independent South African Republic. For this reason, a soldier must choose between the various fighting groups but may ultimately still be a part of the Azandicas when wars break down. The Azandicas have their own uniformly stitched emblems and uniforms, however they are not required for identification since individuals are required to provide for themselves.