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Balkan Beast

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Nationality Flag-Austria.jpg Austrian
Date of birth 24 June 2009
Day 582
Date of death Sometime in 2014 (est)
Residence Tyrol
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Newspaper ZA MUDRUDO
Congress member of Malaysia
26 August 2009 – 26 October 2009
Party president of Mudkip Workers Party
15 October 2009 – 15 November 2009
Succeeded by Allan Dobrowolski
Senator of Malaysia
29 October 2009 – Unknown
Congress member of Punjab
26 February 2010 – N/A
Congress member of Australia
Congress member of Egypt
October 2011 – November 2011
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal**.png Supreme Marshal**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Balkan Beast is a Ukranian-born Pakistani Soldier, former Malaysian Senator, and Congress member, residing in Punjab.

He is the Former Leader, and founding member of The Mudkip Movement, Party president of the Mudkip Workers Party, Former General of the Mudkip Revolutionary Faction.

He was the Editor of a moderately successful newspaper Sin in Punjab, later known as ZA MUDRUDO. He was also an active member of the Dioist Community, and was in command of Sindh Corps in the Pakistani Armed Forces. He is a former member of the Shocktroopers of the South African Armed Forces.

He departed from South Africa, and was deployed to Australia, where he became a congressman but left to go to Pakistan to help defend it from the pig invasion where he continues to fight against the Indian Invaders. After a failed attempt to destroy Sweden, thanks to admin, he joined the White Eagles.

 ...Hahaha oh Balkan, I love you so much bro....  
 Three cheers for the epic traveling orthodox monk of Dioism, Balkan Beast.


 Silly Sizzerb :) 
 You are a beast indeed. A beast of cold-blooded premeditated incarceration of innocent potatoes, that is 


Balkan was born in Podolia, Ukraine on 24 June 2009. He was invited to the Ukraine to live with ElinaAmazon. He spent his entire childhood working in the iron mines beside his companion which he liked very much, he was hoping to someday truly express his love to her but she was deported to Romania and killed, he continued to work in the mines but he had little reason to remain in Ukraine as his friends there were all banished or dead. Soon after he moved to Donbas to visit the hospital when he had bullet wounds from the training wars. Balkan loved the Ukraine but he believed he had a higher calling than laboring in the iron mines his entire life, he did not know what it was at the time but he would soon figure out.

World War 3

Balkan although most of the time was a calm fun loving drug user, was a fanatical warrior. He would often relish in combat, and grew tired of the Ukraine-Romanian War Games. He began to hear stories of the Russian invasion of the United States of America at the Ra nightclub. He loved these stories and dreamed of moving to Russia to fight against the pig disgusting Americans that have plagued the new world with their filth, and aggression. On July 18, 2009 he moved to Kaliningrad, Russia and joined the Russian Foreign Legion as a member of the Cossacks Brigade when he was 12 His first real battle, was in the first battle of Alaska, but he fought in many battles throughout the USA-North Korean Campaigns. He stopped fighting when North Korea was taken over due to their attempted invasion of Russia, MoredanKantose the Ataman of the The Cossacks supported selling the North Korean homeland to the highest bidder in exchange for their lost provinces the Urals and Western Siberia, instead of letting them eventually gain their freedom. Balkan was heavily against this and got in arguments with all but 1 member of The Cossacks, over the matter. They had made attempts to even force the North Korean Ambassador, Zammuel out, but Balkan came to his defense and forced the Russians out of the embassy. Zammuel resigned from his post, as he was disgusted with the North Korean Government. Right after this, Balkan was invited by zammuel to come to Malaysia with false promises of candy and good times, there was unfortunately no candy, but he had a few good times.

Arrival in Malaysia

On arrival, he noticed how strange, & exotic Malaysia Was. He known nothing of this land, but supported zammuel's struggle to create an axolotl party. He joined Democratic Action Party, & Tentera Darat Malaysia on arrival as he knew nothing of what was going on, he joined the Malaysian Nationalist Front party once zammuel was elected Party president. The TDM never contacted him, as they were reorganizing their entire military, Balkan was left out of the entire process.

Marriage with Yakui

On day 629, he married Yakui, a Pakistani born drug addict who was in love with Balkan at the time. Only mere days after this marriage started he joined the Federal Unity Party, and ran in Peninsular Malaysia for the first time, and succeeded with 2nd most votes! A month after this land slide victory, he divorced Yakui and was re-elected into congress.

Yakui, during her prime was an active off-topican, and was well known for being a successful troll. Overtime however she eventually rage-quit, but before this she filled the eRepublik forum with loli pr0n, and goru, this was a glorious achievement, and is remembered quite well by the veterans of Off-topic.

The Mudkip Movement

Soon after this he seen a mudkip by the name of Allan. He spoke to this mudkip of the ways of dio, & this mudkip told him the ways of the kips of the mud, Soon after they accepted each other as friends & started a Mudkip Revolution in Peninsular Malaysia.

It was very successful and had over 50 members involved in total, on day 696 he became Party president of the Mudkip Workers Party. He Formed a Coalition between the SELU (South East Labor Union), & The Mudkip Movement.

On day 707 he formed the Mudkip Revolutionary Faction, to help make the mudkips not only a political influence but a military one as well. The party was quite successful for a time, but it was destroyed during the Indonesian Invasion of Peninsular Malaysia.

Life After Malaysia

When Malaysia was destroyed, Balkan left for Thailand, he had to board a plane to Germany to get to Thailand due to wars. He stayed in Thailand for a few days, but eventually left for South Africa to join their armed forces, and eventually become a citizen, only part of this came true, as Balkan was unable to get citizenship because of military deployment, and he was forced to get Australian Citizenship by the Admins. He began becoming more reckless, and often got in trouble now, he began to change due to influences from Pierric Bross. On December 26th, 2009 he became a Congressman in Australia, but departed to Pakistan to help defend it from the Pig Team 6 Invasion. Soon after this Balkan began a rap career, and made many songs vocalizing his ferverous emotions that he held for Pakistan, and Dio Brando. Many of his lyrics are related to Dioism, and are very harsh to pig disgusting people from nations such as USA, India, Sweden, Spain, Poland, and their puppets.

On an Unknown date, Balkan Beast, and Cookies Crisp began a sexy bro affair, and even declared bro love for each other. A Bro marriage was to be declared, but contracts were taken away, thus making it unofficial, so it was postponed, along with all of the Admin Erotica, and other sexy adventures Balkan-San was undertaking until they returned.

Balkan's Return

After many months of being held captive after the Serbian occupation in Croatia ended, Balkan Beast escaped Istria and Kvarner, Croatia by hiding in the back of a gypsy wagon. He began his migration from Croatia all the way to the new nation of Taiwan. He stayed in Central Taiwan for some time, but went back, and forth between Taiwan, and Mainland China to fight. He was partaking in the Kazawan Liberation Front, but it failed miserably due to being far too unorganized. After this, Balkan Beast moved to Austria, but he made many stops along the way in nations such as: Iran, and Romania. After he gained political rights in his new-found home, he went on vacation in the Rhone Alps of France, to fight until the Party President elections come. His plans for the future are to have his own political party, and reform the Armed forces of Austria.

List of Residences

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Visited Locations

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Ukraine Russia Malaysia Thailand South Africa Australia Pakistan Croatia Serbia Bosnia and Herzegovina Sweden Taiwan Austria New Zealand United Arab Emirates Japan Belgium Egypt

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He is editor and publisher of newspaper ZA MUDRUDO.


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