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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth 21st May 2009, Day 548
Date of death Sometime in 2011
Sex Male
Newspaper The Arkansan
Party president of America's Advancement Party
December 16, 2009 – January 15, 2010
Preceded by Mercurius100
Chief of staff of American Progressive Front
May 16, 2010 – June 1, 2010
Preceded by Stormin
Succeeded by LexLuthor1
Congress member of North Korea
August 26, 2010 – September 2010
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ballman was a citizen of USA, born in Mat 2009.

He remained trapped in 2-clicking bliss until World War III hit, leaving a young Ballman with no idea what the hell was going on. He has gone on to live a very active life since that point.

Birth and Pre-WW3 Life

Ballman was born on Day 548 in Arkansas, USA. He remained in Arkansas until reading an article about a nicer hospital in Florida, and being a fan of the beach anyway, moved there. Ballman remained in Florida and participated in the war games going on at the time, earning some nice experience and 2 Hard Worker medals along the way. After hitting level 7, Ballman was recruited to America's Advancement Party by Mercurius100. Despite logging on every day and spending time reading articles, Ballman remained a 2-clicker until the outbreak of World War III.

World War III

With the invasion of North America by France and Russia, Ballman realized that this was going to be a big conflict. He logged on multiple times a day to check the situation, bought guns with his lowly salary when he could, and even joined some forums. Around late July, after reading an article about its importance, Ballman joined the Training Division. Unfortunately for him he joined during a time of mass panic and confusion for the USA military and USA government in general and was subsequently lost among the slew of new recruits, never officially graduating despite being contacted a couple of times by a platoon commander. Towards the end of World War III, when the outlook for America was bright, Ballman decided it was time to get on this IRC thing he kept hearing about for the past few months. It would change his eLife forever.

Late Summer '09 and Post-WW3

In September 2009, Ballman decided it was time for him to take his first real shot at congress (not counting a noob run in June). He signed up to run in Arkansas under the AAP against the incumbent Killing Time. During this time Ballman started checking the AAP forums regularly and got on IRC for the first time. Despite earning quite a couple votes from the native populace, Ballman was not able to unseat the incumbent, finishing second in the race. Despite his defeat, Ballman discovered the joys of being behind the scenes of an election, showing glimpses of things to come in the future.

With WW3 over, Ballman needed something to do. After seeing a shout by Josh Frost, he contacted Frost to see what was up. Little did he know, this would lead to him becoming one of the original members of Seal Team 6. Ballman spent the next 2 months in ST6, a failed congress run in October aside. While in ST6 he made valuable friends and learned quite a bit about the game. Militarily involved with Seal Team 6 during this time, Ballman remained politically involved with the AAP. Remaining behind the scenes in the October and November elections, Ballman felt that he finally had the knowledge and connections to get into congress in December. However, he was persuaded to take a different position in December.

Party Presidency

In late November/early December, the AAP was having leadership issues. The party president of the past few months, Mercurius100, was becoming increasingly inactive. After talking to various other party leaders, Ballman was persuaded to run for the office of party president. Receiving support from almost all party leaders and even the outgoing president, Ballman was elected overwhelmingly on December 15, 2009. Ballman immediately set to work on revitalizing the party image and getting more party members to be active within the party and the country. Despite setting up a new structure and a successful showing in the December Congressional elections, the AAP remained for the most part as inactive as ever. This was thoroughly discouraging to Ballman, and he decided not to run for a second term, leaving the party to his friend and fellow active party leader Emmanuel Cruise.

Belgian Holiday

Upon leaving the presidency of AAP, Ballman fell into a bout of 2-clicking while contemplating his future in the game. On the 25th, in the midst of the EDEN anti-PTO/PTO of Belgium, Ballman decided to move to Belgium to take part. However, upon arriving, Ballman had a change of heart and decided to remain in Belgium to help the Belgians. Despite his good intentions, Ballman quickly became bored with the country, which had no structure and no war. Temporarily moving to Spain to take part in some war, Ballman decided to move back to the USA to take part in the invasion of the UK. This ended Ballman's Belgian holiday.


Ballman returned to the USA in mid-February. He enlisted soon after in the Airborne, one of the USA most prestigious branches of the military. He remained a part of the Airborne until June 1, 2010. Ballman also became active in the AAP again shortly after returning. He served as a party leader and Executive Council member until the AAP's dissolution in April. Upon the dissolution of the AAP, he became a founding member of the American Progressive Front, serving on the temporary Provisional Board and then becoming part of the APF Emeritus Board. Upon the election of Stormin as the new Party president of the APF on May 15, Ballman was appointed Chief of Staff of the party. He served in that position until the end of the month, when a combination of real life commitments and boredom caused him to resign his positions in the APF And Airborne. After seeing an article by Buck Roger sponsoring a competition to gain citizenship in every country, Ballman decided to participate as it was a challenge that would also allow him to 2-click. As of June 16, 2010 Ballman has gained citizenship in 4 out of 60 countries.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x22)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x5)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x4)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x14)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x3)
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x1)