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This article is taken from here, it was made by Platonic.

Right, here's Platonic's basic guide to how to set yourself up in our lovely little e-world. Stuff will be added and removed if the edit button decides it will grant me an appearance after I make this thread.


  • Employment

Right, step 1 is to find yourself a job. Depending on what country you joined, you could have anywhere from 0-300 of your local currency in your wallet, as well as 3 food in your inventory. That should take off some of the immediate pressure of needing a job by tomorrow, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't look for one. Post your Resume on the CV list (Economy>Find a Job), as well as a brief post on the job thread ( Please do your potential employers a favor and don't PM them asking for a job unless they specifically ask you to somewhere. We'll come looking for you.

  • Politics

Step two is to decide if you want to dabble in politics. Go through the Politics tab and see if you find a party you like. IMPORTANT: REMEMBER THAT THIS IS NOT THE REAL WORLD. There might be parties out there with similar names and political leanings as their real-world counter-parts (The Republican Party, The Labour Party, what have you), but that does not mean that they are what you are looking for. We've got an Objectivist as head of the Dem's over here, for Christ's sake (yes Korbin, sore spot, not your fault, but it's still a good example). Don't feel obligated to join if you don't want to, and remember that you're free to move about the parties as you please.

  • Military

Sign up for the military and start training. It doesn't cost you anything, and nothing bad can happen to you for joining the army (war isn't even implemented yet, and when it is, we've been assured that no one's going to get killed. Just like in real life).

  • Newspaper

Ignore the official tutorial -- don't feel pressured to start a newspaper if you don't feel you have anything to say. If you do start one, please limit your articles to stuff about eRep. We're sure your motorcycle fetish is quite interesting, but it has not much to do with the subject matter at hand, and could bump a more relevant article off the newspaper section. Once the admins expand upon the media section, we might be able to afford more specialized articles, but for now, please keep it simple.

  • Forums

With all the in-game stuff taken care of, head on over to the forums and lurk. Get a general feel for the society and the current issues being tackled. Feel free to ask questions, and people should answer fairly quickly. Be sure you know what you're talking about before you start asserting your own opinions though, or you might get your head bitten off by a very irate Platonic. Remember, I can't stress enough that this isn't the real world: there might be policies in place here that make little to no sense in the actual world but are quite suitable for this particular economy. Keep an open mind.

Right, I'm pretty sure that covers all the basics. If you don't get a job offer by your second to third day, go ahead and start bugging GMs for job possibilities. Just please don't do so off the bat.