Bastardi Senza Gloria

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Bastardi Senza Gloria

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General Information
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Abbreviation BSG
Forum Official Forum
Founded 10 May 2013
Dissolved 2 September 2023
Congress Occupancy N/A
Succeeded By Old Italian Order
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Bastardi Senza Gloria (English: Inglourious Basterds; abbr. BSG) was an Italian party founded on May 10th, 2013 with the merge of two parties, Crescere and Iniziativa - Every Single One. On June 24th, 2013, Liberta' eItaliana joined the party too.

On the 18th of April 2020, Rinascita eItaliana, Aquila et Gladius and Bastardi Senza Gloria decided to merge into a new political party - Old Italian Order[1]. The new political party continued under the Rinascita eItaliana ID number.

Although most of the members left, BSG continued to exist as a small party with few members until September 2023 when the last member left the party.

Bastardi Senza Gloria was born with critical intentions when in Italy began to spread what we can define as 'private welfare'. This term means the practice of giving gifts from the executives of some Italian parties to their member, both for motivation and for internal corruption. Afterwards, other phenomena, such as the buying of ratings in Italian journalism according to articles and 'spam wars' (by sending PMs of spam to members of other parties) have spread. So the party began its politics with a critical foundation against these phenomena, as stated in its official papers:

In its history, the party united with Aquila et Gladius, Lux et Ratio and, in the beginning, La Giovane eItalia (it was the first one to leave), in a political alliance, called ALCI, with the fundamental goal to get Italy leave EDEN's alliance and plan an airstrike. After the dissolution of ALCI, BSG continues to work in cooperation with AetG in the Italian Congress and withstands 'private welfare' politics.

In its governments (as Cicca, Dot Hunty and Gervaz) and in the allies' governments, BSG has taken a stand for military interventionism when it was possible, trying to look for a new alliance (without results) and, at the same time, to promote the idea that wars should be followed and directed by the use of chat and open supplies to citizens. A primary trend is, more than excessive attention to Internal and Economics, to see war as a way to aggregate and to work as a government in particular in Foreign Affairs and Information.

Icon history.png History

Icon position party president.gif History of Party President

Party Presidents of 2015
Month President Votes
January Theozz 24
February Theozz 20
March Gervaz 11
April Gervaz 18
May Gervaz 15
June Lucifuge S 10
July Peppeilgrande 14
August Theozz 8
September Italo Nostalgico 10
October R y o 13
November R y o 11
December zefiroit 11
Presidenti di Partito del 2016
Mese Presidente Voti
January zefiroit 11
February Dark Thunder 17
March Dark Thunder 11
April zefiroit 14
May Dora85 14
June Dora85 9
July Dora85 7
August Dora85 7
September Gervaz 13
October Dark Thunder 12
November Dark Thunder 10
December Dark Thunder 8
Presidenti di Partito del 2018
Mese Presidente Voti
January yap13 13
February yap13 12
March yap13 10
April yap13 9
May yap13 9
June Tebaldo 8
July yap13 9
August yap13 7

Icon - Congress.jpg History of Congress

Congress Proposals

Proposal Date Proposed by Vote results
Adult Citizen Act 04/11/2013 Rocco il Duca
6 / 12
Wallchat Act 02/12/2013 Rocco il Duca
16 / 21
Abolition of Trainee Act 12/12/2013 Dark Thunder
14 / 23

Congress Elections

First time elected citizen are shown in bold.

Month CM Elected Votes % Elected
May 2013
2 / 38
- Alegevo, Francesco Cavour
June 2013
4 / 38
93 14,49% Francesco Cavour, Leonardz, Principe Alessandro, Peri.cle
July 2013
4 / 40
141 [1] 24,14% mappina, Gervaz, Francesco Cavour, ubares
August 2013
2 / 10
95 18,45% Francesco Cavour, Polixiotto
September 2013
6 / 30
109 [1] 22,11% LightFury, Peri.cle, Riccardo Quarta, Dav28, Dark Thunder, ciccius2
October 2013
4 / 20
89 18,39% LightFury, Peri.cle, Dark Thunder, Rocco il Duca
November 2013
6 / 39
107 [1] 22,43% Rocco il Duca, Peri.cle, Viandante, Dav28, CyberAngelus, Dark Thunder
December 2013
5 / 40
79 [1] 18,24% Leo Pardi, Dark Thunder, Viandante, Dav28, cds51
January 2014 No congress possible due to Italy's occupation
February 2014
March 2014
5 / 39
94 [1] 19,67% Lunatico9, Riccardo Quarta, Bud Spencer, yap13, CyberAngelus
April 2014
3 / 40
- Lunatico9[2], CyberAngelus[3], Tebaldo[3]
May 2014
5 / 39
71 [1] 17,49% Dark Thunder, Tromel, yap13, Riccardo Quarta, Dav28
June 2014
2 / 40
- LightFury[3], Vajura[3]
July 2014
4 / 40
83 [4] 22,49% Lucifuge S, Theozz, Atlius il Drago Dormiente, Vajura
August 2018
1 / 40
0 [5] 2.5 % Tebaldo

Icon position country president.gif History of Country Presidents

Month Name Votes % Party Supported by
May 2013 Riccardo Cicca Cornara 191 42,16% IESO[6] AetG, Crescere[6], LGeI, LeR
June 2013 Castell militarista 191 42,16% AetG BSG, LeR, ReI
July 2013 Dot Hunty 276 47,50% Bastardi Senza Gloria AetG, LeR, PCE, PR
August 2013 Gervaz 263 47,50% Bastardi Senza Gloria AetG, LeR, PCE, PR
October 2013 Atlius 207 43,76% Partito Risorgimentale BSG, LeR, PCE, ReI
February 2014 Linxys 87 18,61% Lux et Ratio BSG, AetG
March 2014 ilKaiser 131 31,57% Lux et Ratio BSG, AetG, 3P-FC, Identità Tradizione Libertà (ITL), DI
April 2014 Contenitore 238 53,85% Lux et Ratio BSG, AetG, FdeI
June 2014 Squatriota 194 45,86% La Giovane eItalia BSG, AetG, LeR, M!, ITS-DN, ReI

History of Logos

Party-Bastardi Senza Gloria.png Party-Bastardi Senza Gloria v2.png
10 May 2013 31 October 2013


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 Allied with the party Aquila et Gladius.
  2. Elected with Lux et Ratio
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 Elected with Aquila et Gladius
  4. Allied with Lux et Ratio and La Giovane eItalia
  5. Candidate was elected through Unione
  6. 6.0 6.1 5 days after the elections, Crescere and IESO merged to BSG.