Battle of Kosovo

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Battle of Kosovo
Map of Battle of Kosovo
Date June 2011 (Day 1,679 of the New World) –
Location Balkans:
Albania, Serbia
Result Liberation of Albania, Occupation of Kosovo from Albania
Territorial Changes Albania liberated its regions from FYROM and conquered Kosovo from Serbia
Albania Albania Serbia Serbia
Commanders and Leaders
Serbia lately deleted from the map almost all EDEN/pro EDEN countries which were around. Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, all were almost fully deleted and left without congress for months. Also, FYROM kept Albania occupied. Anyway, from the day 1,665 with Military Module Updates, a lot of countries got confused and did not adapt very well. Albania used this situation pretty good, and in a perfect organized coordination liberated all its regions from FYROM.

Anyways, Albanian government was aware from Serbian intentions to delete Albania from map and keep it without congress, so on day 1976, Albanian congress declared Serbia as Natural Enemy so they could, as said, "win time" and secure at least one region, because mathematically, even if Serbia won in all battles, all attacks, Albania would secure 1 region at least.

This situation, was used by government to make baby boom and to announce in social medias, portals etc. that Albania was going in a war for Kosovo (which is still contested on real life between Albanians and Serbs). That made a huge baby boom, and a lot of players came and register to play and beat Serbia.

EDEN also knew that Albanians would fight hard for Kosovo, so they decided to help a lot and made all their soldiers ready to fight and help Albania. The law passed on both congresses, so the big day came. Albania attacked Serbia. Even though Serbia constantly had minimum 400 players online, while Albania maximum 100-130, Albania was keeping walls in all division almost, and was winning the battles.

Media in both countries was observing the situation and they kept writing. Albanians said proudly that they were beating Serbia, one of superpowers of the game, and even in Kosovo, the region that was talked too much before being added, and which had moral impact on both countries.

While Albanian government worked constantly and proudly on that victory, Serbian government was saying that "they were attacked in surprise" and there was nothing they can do. Finally the day came. With great spirit, coordination, and hard working, Albania took Kosovo. The most used phrase of the day from Albanians was "You have successfully moved to Kosovo, Albania.". Media was focused on that victory for a long time.

Even though the region was lost, Albanian were proud because they secured the congress, and did a moral victory against Serbs. Day 1679 of the new world will be never forgotten by Albanians.