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Batzooka is an evil weapon summoned by witches and cursed by evil spirits to spread sorrow and despair among the citizens of the New World.
This weapon can only be used during the week which dead people rise again in.

Halloween 2012

A batzooka.

Starting Day 1,805 there is a collection of Batzooka parts specially designed for Halloween. The weapon has the same behaviour as the bazooka: a new collection appeared in your storage page, it is made of 5 parts that will drop in the battle page and has 3 uses.


The batzookas can be used from day 1805, until day 1820. From day 1817 the parts will not drop in the battle page anymore.

Damage according to the divisions:

Division Damage
National Guard 20.000
Soldiers 30.000
Special Forces 40.000
Tanks 50.000

BOTH Bazooka and Batzooka will appear in the battle page. So, during the Halloween celebration we will have 10 items dropping (5 for Bazooka, 5 for Batzooka) in the battle page.

In the case of a new player, ONLY after reaching 150 strength they will be able to assemble the Batzooka.

Halloween 2013

A batzooka.

Soon after the introduction of the Weekly leaderboards, on October 28th 2013 (Day 2169 of the New World) Plato announced with a post on his blog[1] the upcoming Halloween event; during that week, the Weekly challenge was turned into Halloween challenge.

During this event, a new batzooka was introduced; as for the previous year, the batzooka is made of special parts dropped while fighting on the battlefield and both parts and batzookas expires soon after the end of Halloween week.

Cursed parts2013.png

Apart from the new design, there's a difference into dealt influence too according to division.
Here's the table:

Division Damage
National Guard 10% more Damage than a Q7 weapon
Soldiers 20% more Damage than a Q7 weapon
Special Forces 30% more Damage than a Q7 weapon
Tanks 40% more Damage than a Q7 weapon

Batzookas don't deal a set amount of damage anymore, it varies according to the damage dealt with Q7 weapons more a bonus depending on the division a citizens belongs.

As for the previous Halloween event, both bazookas and batzookas can be used on the battlefield.
Since a batzooka is a special bazooka, a citizen still has to comply with build requirement i.e. having 150 strength points to assemble batzookas.

Cursed parts2013 expire.png

Both batzookas and the cursed parts expired on Day 2,179; according to Plato statement[2], they turned into normal bazookas and bazookas parts.


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