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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
National rank 277
Date of birth 25.02.2009 - Day 463 of the New World
Residence Denver, Colorado
Sex Male
Political party American Military Party
Military unit Beer's Bombers
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank Titan.png Titan
Aircraft rank Flight lieutenant 1.png Flight Lieutenant*

beerman616 is a citizen of the USA. His eRepublik life began in Michigan. He quickly learned that in order to advance in this game he would need a Q5 hospital. So he packed his bags and took a flight to Florida.

Beerman616 is a formal General of the United States Mobile Infantry, one of the top fighting forces in the New World at the time. Beerman616's military career began in the National Guard, Training Division. Beerman616 served for a time under Lt. Yoyopon as her First Sergeant. He completed basic training and then took a short leave of absence for a trip to Venezuela. When he returned he then applied to the National Guard Third Division and served under Claudius Ceaser as his First Lieutenant. He then took command of his own platoon in the NG Third Division, which was turned into the Mobile Infantry where Beerman served as a Lieutenant in command of Bravo 8, serving under Colonel SteveInTacoma.

Beerman served with distinction as Lieutenant of Bravo 8, and it wasn't long until he realized he wanted to keep moving up in the Mobile Infantry. An opportunity for advancement arose when Colonel Dreadnuts The Mighty decided to abandon the MI for the United States Airborne. Beerman616 spoke up about being interested in the advancement opportunity and was quickly awarded the promotion to Colonel.

Beerman spent a couple months leading Alpha Company to the best of his ability. The time came however for Beerman to step down. He named Enoch Root as his successor. Beerman then took a couple weeks off from the extra curricular aspect of eRepublik and joined the legion of two-clickers. He then resumed a slightly more active role in eRep when he returned to join the Airborne.

Military offices
Preceded by
LTG Deificus
Executive Officer of the United States Mobile Infantry Succeeded by
LTG Seuss
Preceded by
GEN Deificus
Commanding General of the United States Mobile Infantry Succeeded by
GEN Seuss