Belarus-Albania War

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Belarus-Albania War
Map of Belarus-Albania War
Date 28 July 2013 –
Location Albania
Result inconclusive
Flag-Belarus.jpg Belarus
Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Flag-Albania.jpg Albania
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Belarus.jpg Belarus zMensk Flag-Albania.jpg VisarJ

In day 2077 the Congress of Icon-Belarus.png Belarus approved to start an Airstrike in Icon-Albania.png Albania. That day Icon-Belarus.png Belarus attacked in Tirana, some secrect sources of Albanian intelligence said that this aristrike was financed by Icon-Serbia.png Serbia to prevent Icon-Albania.png Albania to attack Kosovo.

The Country President of Icon-Albania.png Albania VisarJ decided to let Icon-Belarus.png Belarus conquer Tirana and have no border with Icon-Serbia.png Serbia, so Icon-Albania.png Albania would close the War with Icon-Serbia.png Serbia. VisarJ declared that the Albanian fighters must be concentrated in Croatian and Bosnian invasion in Icon-Serbia.png Serbia and to keep their territories in Icon-India.png India.