Belgian Special Forces

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AK47.jpg This page has been saved as historical information

This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Belgian Special Forces

Belgian Special Forces.jpg

For Belgium, For Freedom!

General Information
Disbanded October 1st, 2011
Country Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgium
Region Brussels

The Belgian Special Forces (BSF), formerly Belgian Crusaders, was a militia in Belgium and was created on August 7, 2011 (Day 1355). The Military unit was sold to the Belgian government by the Commander at the time, Mikhail Alexander thus ending the running of the BSF. The unit has been transformed to Belgian Civilian Army.


Former BSF Uniform
Belgian Crusaders.png


The Headquarters of the BSF was located in Icon-Belgium.png Brussels, Icon-Belgium.png Belgium.


The BSF was a military unit devoted to defending its sovereign land, Icon-Belgium.png Belgium, and would occasionally train in other countries of the New World to level up the troops.


  • Citizenship: Must be a Belgian Citizen
  • Strength: 250+
  • Military Rank: Major+
  • Activity: Must go on the forums at least 3 times a week and come on IRC regularly (optional).
  • Forums: Must be registered to the Official eBelgian Forum
  • Affiliations: Person must not be in any other army. The uniform must be worn (at least part of it) to receive supplies and citizen must not be on the Official government blacklist.


The list of soldiers as in September 2011:

Position Name Military rank
Commander in Chief Mikhail Alexander Icon rank General***.png General***
2nd Commander Fhaemita Malodorous Icon rank Field Marshal***.png Field Marshal***
2nd Commander shadowukcs Icon rank Field Marshal**.png Field Marshal**
Captain jamster737 Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*
Private ChewChewShoe Icon rank Supreme Marshal***.png Supreme Marshal***
Private Requiem Domine Icon rank General**.png General**
Private Boklevski Icon rank Colonel***.png Colonel***
Private Monsieur Guillontine Icon rank Colonel**.png Colonel**
Private GoopyPants Icon rank Colonel*.png Colonel*

Soldiers Duties

Follow Daily Orders - Check the forums every day for orders and only take part in approved battles.

Supplies - To request supplies, you need to contact the 2nd Commanders or the Commander in Chief.

In certain cases supplies will be allocated upfront. Money to move will be supplied if you are required to fight in a battle outside of Belgian borders.

Promotions - Officers are chosen by the Executive/Commanding officer and are based on a number of criteria:

  • Activity level / Interest
  • Reliability and trustworthiness
  • Ability to accept and perform responsibilities

Access to Forums

You need to register on the Belgian forums to access the BSF group.

Orders and roll call were posted on the forums.

To request access to the militia section, message the Commander in Chief and he would add you to the member-group to see the militia section on the forums.