Belgium-United Kingdom War

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Belgium-United Kingdom War
Map of Belgium-United Kingdom War
Date 10 April 2008 - –
13 April 2008
Location Europe
Result Belgium annexed
Territorial Changes Belgium annexed
Fights 18
Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgium Flag-UK.jpg UK
Flag-USA.jpg USA
Flag-Romania.png Romania
Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Flag-China.jpg China
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-UK.jpg Kaleb
Battles Fought 5 (Belgium 0 vs United Kingdom and allies 5)
Fights Won Belgium 2 vs United Kingdom 8, USA 3, Ireland 1, Romania 2, China 1
Draw Fights 2
Total Fights 18

The war between Belgium and United Kingdom was the first war ever in eRepublik.

This war was a simple and quick one. United Kingdom conquered one region after another in a short and quick time and Kaleb, president of UK during the war, declared that it was a union between Belgium and United Kingdom[1]. There was no official contract to support it thus making people not believe this statement.

Belgian Annexation

Link to eRepublik war details page
Duration: April 10th - April 13th (3 days)
Aggressor: Belgium
Defender: United Kingdom
Other defenders: United States of America, Ireland, Romania, China
Total number of fights: 18
Fights per day: 6
Battles: 5
Result: United Kingdom sweeps all five battles and annexes Belgium.


The Belgian Annexation was the first war recognized by eRepublik although it was not a real war. On April 10th the Belgians declared war on the United Kingdom hoping to be annexed into a more developed country. The reason Belgium did this was because in the first few days of the war module the defenders bonus always went to the side who was attacked first. The Belgians did this so that the U.K. would have that bonus even when they were really attacking Belgian lands. They also did it because if the U.K. declared war on them it would activate several Mutual Protection Pacts of the Belgians and cost their soon to be mother country gold. Being out numbered 5-1 at the time the British took Belgium with ease in the smallest war in eRepublik history with a mere 18 battles.