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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-Spain.jpg Spanish
Date of birth 23 July 2008
Day 246
Date of death 2010
Residence Asturias
Sex Male
Congress member of Spain
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Benitoloperaa (commonly known as Benito or Benitolopera) was a citizen of Spain. Thanks to the internet forum Forocoches, Benitoloperaa entered eRepublik in July 2008 together with his real life friend Seache. Lopera's double "a" appeared by mistake, which he didn't realize until a few days later.

July 2008

It was the summer of 2008 when Benito (not called that in real life) entered the Spanish forum "Forocoches" and by chance discovered a topic about this game.

At first, he was about to leave the game because of the language the game was in (English) but he decided to continue playing and thus also take the opportunity to learn more English.

The day after discovering the game, he told his friend Seache and between the two of them, they began to investigate the game, which was very difficult.


BenitoLoperaa was in several parties, Forocoches, Ciudadanos y Democracia and Partido Media Vida, without lasting more than two days until, finally, he stayed in the "Military Party" of "Neos" because they promised to conquer Portugal, since Benito's political ideology at that time was similar.

Finally and thanks to Mr. Ardacho, who invited him on 26th to join Accion eRepublicana Democratica Española (ARDE) for the comments he had read about him.

He stayed with ARDE until its merger with Unión Popular Liberal (UPL).


Benitoloperaa began to work in Estatal de Alimentación, receiving a salary of Flag-Spain.jpgESP of the time.

August 2008

A month of inactivity, because Benito was on vacation in real life.

September 2008

After the holidays:


He wanted to run for Mayor of Extremadura by the ARDE party, but due to the ARDE-UPL merger and that it was the last month of the mayoralties before v1, he decided not to go ahead.


Benito creates an SO account called Festivaldelhumor together with Seache. Organization had a food company called FDH Food (later known as INTERMARCHE ESP S.L), created thanks to the gold obtained by invitations.

March 2009

After participating in the second TO attempt of Icon-France.png France, he decided not return to Icon-Spain.png Spain and travelled to the Icon-USA.png USA to fight in the war against Icon-Mexico.png Mexico, leaving three days later to fight with Spain against France in the defense of Aquitaine and the conquest of the rest of the regions. Later he left Spain to go to Icon-Belgium.png Belgium.


In Spain, Benito is still in NEL.

In Belgium, he joins the "Belgische Unie-Union Belge" party and gets the presidency of the party on the 14th. Next day, Benito runs for the party elections.


In Spain, he still has a company called INTERMARCHE ESP S.L and works for it while he is in Spain. He has an average skill of 6 in the Manufacturing sector.