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Dead citizen

Bertie Ahern

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Nationality Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgian
National rank 0
Date of birth 06 October 2008
Date of death 2011
Sex Male
Newspaper The Belgian Telegraph
Congress member of Belgium
Congress member of Germany
Congress member of South Korea
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant*.png Sergeant*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Bertie Ahern was a citizen of Belgium.
Once started up on eRepublik Bertie traveled between UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland and Belgium.


Bertie has excellent manufacturing skill and was a valued employee. He was awarded 7 Hard Worker medals.


  • State Minister for National Security (Belgium)
  • Former Foreign Secretary of South Korea
  • Former Minister for Education of Belgium
  • 2x Congress member for Bavaria (Germany)
  • 1x Congress member for Flanders (Belgium)
  • 1x Congress member for South Korea

During Bertie Ahern's early years he was active in Germany helping to secure independence in the German War of Independence. He was a Congress member for Bavaria representing The FDD, Freie Deutsche Demokraten Party, he was elected by 7 votes , the 2nd largest tally in Germany.He has advocated his energies to secure peace within Europe and is a pro-PEACE activist looking for European countries accession to PEACE.

Bertie Ahern started in Belgium in early 2010, he was immediately involved in the goings on of Belgian Politics including the Belgium for Belgians party which he lead with LvL to victory in the Congressional Elections. He thus became Minister for Education under the then President of Belgium Ragoth. He immensely enjoyed being part of Government and started the first mentoring system which has been regarded my some as Bertie Ahern's finest act in Government.

During the Francis DeBoyle Presidency of South Korea, Bertie Ahern was swept to regional recognition as MoFA, he worked closely with other countries namely Thailand to restore peace and stability in the Far East. After a brief spell in Ireland where Bertie Ahern led a very successful news broadcaster RTE, specializing in the Elections,he returned to Belgium. Bertie Ahern was actively involved fighting the French to protect Belgium sovereign territory and established a strong working relationship with shadowucks, President of Belgium and a candidate for a second term.


The Belgian Telegraph is the newspaper owned and published by Bertie Ahern.

Icon achievements.png Achievements

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Hard Worker (x7)
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Congress Member (x4)
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Super Soldier (x3)