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This page has been saved as memories from the Beta version.

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Quality Cost Bonus
Quality 1 +1 Wellness
Quality 2 +2 Wellness
Quality 3 +3 Wellness
Quality 4 +4 Wellness
Quality 5 +5 Wellness

Food is automatically used, once a day. Make sure that you do not run out of food; otherwise your wellness level will decrease by 5% for each day without food. When you eat food, your wellness increase by x%, where x is the quality of your food. If your food stock is empty, you will be warned via email that you have to buy food; otherwise your wellness will decrease. When your wellness becomes 0, your eRepublik citizen dies and the next time you log into your account, you will be informed and you have the opportunity to restart your life in eRepublik using the "Revive” button. The consequences are that all your skills will decrease by 1 and you will not have national currency in your account.

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