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This page has been saved as memories from the Beta version.

The information here is not the current latest information! Do not use this page to gain information!

Importance of the media

While most everything else in eRepublik is static, the media serves as a platform of constant communication between all the citizens in a country. Checking the media on a regular basis ensures you will be updated on national affairs. The best way for a new user to become known is by writing and commenting on articles. Be insightful and you will quickly make a name for yourself.

Media Tab

Media is the fifth tab on the navigation bar.

Tab Bar.jpg
Media Tab Example

Your Newspaper

  • Link to your newspaper

See below for information on each topic.

eRepublik Insider

Stay informed through the official eRepublik newspaper, created and edited by the Admin. You automatically subscribe once you sign up for eRepublik. You receive updates in your email inbox each time a new article is written. Previously named Daily eRepublik, it now functions under the title of 'eRepublik Insider'.

Latest news

Catch and find out here the latest news from the eRepublik Insider and newspapers, Press Releases, Local and international news (for each one, the date and time are displayed). For each section, you have the option to access the 'Complete list'.

International news

You can find here a list of international articles from The New World. An article is added automatically to this section if:

  • it was written in the last 24 hours;
  • it is in the top 10 voted articles (in eRepublik) (for that timeframe).

Newspapers stats

The charts are showing the dynamics of the number of newspapers readers from your country, the number of newspapers and the number of articles for each month.

Top newspapers

This is the list of the top newspapers, based on the number of subscribers.

Create your newspaper

The reasons for creating a newspaper varies, they can be used as a means of sharing information or just creative expression. A newspaper is a great tool for informing people of current events and gaining support for various causes. For example, newspapers can be of great assistance to political parties. Creating your newspaper is free, however, since you cannot hire any employees, you must write your own articles. When you create a newspaper, you have the option to choose a representative avatar for your newspaper, a catchy title and a motto for it.

Your newspaper

After you have created your own newspaper, you can access this page in order to create/modify articles whenever you consider best. It is generally a good idea to keep the articles based on eRepublik.

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