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Notes on Guerrilla Resistance in eRepublik was a handbook that was issued to various resistance and independence groups in various countries. It details various strategies to help such groups to gain defacto independence and prepare them for the Resistance war module. Its contents are based on lessons taken from the Irish Republican Army's Notes on Guerrilla Warfare, and the Provisional IRA's Green Book.



The overall strategy of the text can be summed up in this quote:

The strategy of the Guerrilla attempts to do three things in order to achieve his objective:
1. Drain the enemy's time, resources, and manpower.
2. Lead the resistance of the people to enemy occupation.

3. Break down the enemy's administration.

The handbook then goes on to explain how each of the three concepts are achieved, in very ideological language. The overall point of this section of the text is a vague ideal of what the resistance should hope to achieve in order to gain independence, easily moldable to their unique situation.


The tactics section of the handbook is very specific, detailing specific political, economic, media and military techniques.

Internal Political/Economic Techniques

The handbook places emphasis on the unity of nationalist groups, putting forward that the central government will try to use any division against them. Control of local government is also deemed essential to the resistance, for both taxation and legitimacy purposes. Economic techniques such as embargo, boycott and selective taxation also feature prominently.


The media techniques stressed in the text include a continuous propaganda campaign, both internally and externally.
Information gathering campaigns from the government for use against them are also advised.

External Political/Economic Techniques

The notes advise that attempting to join rival international organisations to the government is a must, as well as being active in international affairs independently. The text also advises that player and financial aid from other countries should be exploited where possible.


The military sections put forward independent military forces and policy, and encourage the resistants to fight against their occupier in warfare where possible.

Use of the handbook, and Response to it.

The handbook's strategies and tactics have been for the most part tested, especially in Ireland against Victor Petrescu's regime. However, the military independence sections are largely untested due to a lack of opportunity to do so. The response to the notes' issuing has been positive with resistance groups, but at present, no government or leading party has commented on them.

List of Groups receiving the Handbook