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This page has been saved as memories from the Beta version.

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Dictionary Definition

Political Takeover (coup) - a highly successful, unexpected stroke, act, or move; a clever or cowardly action or accomplishment, relating to or pertaining to politics.
Polarization - a sharp division, as of a population or group, into opposing factions.

eRepublik Definition

Political Takeover (coup) - When a highly organized group from a densely populated Country moves into a separate country and gains political power of said country by out numbering other citizens in an election. (Normally the General Election)
Polarization - When few or two superior countries or alliances gain enough influential power to be the commanding forces of the world against each other.

Our History of Political Takeovers

South Africa

The first political takeover happened in South Africa when Indonesia sent a group of their citizens over to gain the presidency. The world was astonished that something like this could happen. The Forums exploded with the news as always, crying out about how immoral the Indonesian actions were. Despite the fact that the situation was given so much attention, there wasn't much that people could do about it except complaint. Eventually, the situation died down as there were other things to worry about in our New World.

Additional information

Following is additional information added to the one presented by Uncle Sam above:
The last PTO before the introduction of dictatorship was by a group of people from Turkey called Lazocracy. They attempted on Pakistan as well but were given 50% success.


Probably one of the most known political takeovers was in Greece where the Goons from forums took over the country. Using their massive numbers, they easily overthrew the previous government with over 400 votes for their president Rathen Holton. Although not from a different country, this event unsettled the world's population, fearing that it could happen to their country next.


After using their military force to takeover Poland, Germany found that those actions were a mistake. DKN, with a heavy heart realized that with the help of forum recruits, it made the population of Poland explode. Since Poland was now a part of Germany, the Polish population outnumbered the German population. The elections proved that when Polish radicals took over the office and began to destroy the country in revenge for losing their sovereignty. After starting a war with Sweden which they intended to lose, and destroying their currency value, Germany was eventually no more.


Similar to Greece and Germany is the takeover of Turkey. After taking over a huge majority of Greece in the Balkan Wars, Turkey found that the goons had now invaded Turkey's population. Come time for the General Elections, the goons voted in their candidate with over 600 votes. Being one of the most recent takeovers it is still unclear what the goons plan to do with this new country now that they have a more stable economy than that of the dying Greek remains.


A rather subtle takeover was the one that the Romanians pulled off in Ireland. By moving people to the country 11 days before the general election, they sat there quietly. posing as simple workers they waited until a day before the General Elections. They then had everyone move to one political party in order to gain a majority of the votes and took the election. Although we have not seen Romania's true intentions of what they plan to do with the country, it shows how easy and popular these kind of takeovers are becoming.

Another opinion on this take over

Following is an alternated opinion to the one presented by Uncle Sam:
Ireland was governed by a group of Romanians led by Victor Petrescu, but their move was not supported, nor endorsed by the Romanian government. This takeover was done more for fun. They probably wanted the gold from the treasury, but that was hidden/stolen by the ex-president. But soon after it was returned to treasury.


A Spanish party, called ARDE, led by Alfonso, created a division of their party in Mexico to take control of the country. Alfonso's party won the elections with just 50.63% of the votes. Out of the three takeovers that occurred during this most recent election, this one probably has the biggest impact, as Alfonso declared war on Spain in the hope that Mexico would be part of Spain. The strange part of this event is that neither congress wishes for this to happen and so Alfonso’s plans will stay at a stalemate until the dust settles

Additional information

This event generated repulse reactions in citizens both in Mexico and Spain. A Spanish group of volunteers tried to organize a counteraction and contacted giles to support him as a candidate and they would move to Mexico to vote against Alfonso. It was obviously not successful.

MVerslayer, current president at that time approved the war with not taking into account the Spanish congress, so various leaders of opposing parties, declared the impeachment of MVerslayer. On the other side, in Mexico, the Congress rejected twice his war proposal, before the war was declared at the third proposal due to a second takeover, but this time lead by Goons.

Following is additional information added to the one presented by Uncle Sam above:

The Connection

So just what do all of these situations have in common? After each takeover, the general state of the country was left in ruins for one reason or another.

This would obviously tell us that Political takeovers are bad right? Perhaps for the country that loses its power, yes but what about the country that is behind it?

Now of course in each of these situations, a negative reaction is inevitable due to the fact that a country is losing its sovereignty. So with the bad PR that comes with the situation, is it all worth it? Why don't you ask the countries or groups responsible?


Further reading

Following are additional recorded political takeovers in Beta version, besides the one recorded in the above article by Uncle Sam.

Attempt at a political takeover in China

A group of 20 people from Indonesia migrated to China, set up the Liberal Party of China and won the general election in March 2008. Previous Chinese ruling party and Japan protested on this. Although the government of Indonesia at first had no knowledge regarding this, eventually Indonesia defended the movement. In the end, the Admin banned most of the members from the Liberal Party of China in the April 2008 election without a clear reason.

Political takeover in China

A group of citizens from Pakistan followed a well-meaning user to China to take over a political party and then go for the general elections. The conspirators succeeded, and one of their members, Gyro_Zeppeli, became President of China. He later declared war on Pakistan, possibly knowing that China would lose and Pakistan would gain the territory with no contest. The government of Pakistan supported and funded this operation.

Political takeover attempts in Iran

Two groups of players have attempted to takeover Iran in its history. The first attempt was by a group of Norwegians, however, they failed. The second attempt was by the goons which also failed. Due to the great cooperation between the Iranian people, these attempts failed.

Party Takeovers

In Turkey's October 2008 party elections, it was suspected that the real-life Turks organized and invaded two of the top five Turkish political parties, The Jewish Unity and People's Democratic Voice. The purpose of this kind of takeover is to secure the power of opposing parties, prevent any opposition to the presidential seat, and create a unified congress. The native Turks deny all allegations of the attempted takeover.

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