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This page has been saved as memories from the Beta version.

The information here is not the current latest information! Do not use this page to gain information!

eRepublik Laws

All Citizens should respect the 10 eRepublik Laws:

  1. All citizens are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
  2. No citizen should oppress another citizen.
  3. Each citizen represents the will of a single real user.
  4. Every citizen that enriched through an illegal or unjust method must return the property this way obtained.
  5. Every citizen has the right to work and to receive a payment in exchange for his work.
  6. All the National political systems are based on Democracy and on the Universal Suffrage vote system.
  7. No racism, extremism, pornography, vulgarity or spam is allowed.
  8. Freedom of press is absolute (without breaking the 7th rule).
  9. Every citizen has the right to choose if he will participate in a fight or not.
  10. The economic system is based on the market economy and all the citizens have to act according to the demand and supply rules.

Rules for organizational entities - SO

An organization entity account cannot:

  1. Vote in any elections.
  2. Join a political party.
  3. Be hired (cannot be an employee).
  4. Buy weapons.
  5. Train.
  6. Fight.

EVERY ORGANIZATIONAL ENTITY (SO) MUST HAVE AN ECONOMIC ACTIVITY. If a SO account does not respect these rules it will be permanently banned.

Also, the Citizens names that have the password for the SO account, should be stated in the 'About' section of that SO.

Contract guidelines

Rules concerning Contracts category:

  1. Each forum discussion in this category represents a contract agreed to by 2 or more eRepublik entities
  2. The contracts can be signed only by Citizens representing themselves or, if it is the case, representing the Party, Company, Country, Region or Newspaper that they lead
  3. A contract is not valid if its terms break the eRepublik rules
  4. A contract is considered valid if the Citizens that agreed to its terms post the phrase: "I agree to the Contract terms"
  5. A contract must include at least this information:
    1. The entities that agreed to the contract and, if the entity is not a Citizen, the Citizen that represents that entity
    2. The time validity
    3. The terms agreed upon
    4. Penalties agreed to in case the contract is broken by one of the entities
    5. What actions should be taken by the admin in case the contract is broken by one of the entities
  6. A contract ends if:
    1. It reaches its time limit
    2. One of the entities breaks the contract without the consent of the other(s)
    3. All entities that signed the contract will post in the same discussion the phrase: "I want to close this contract"
  7. If one of the entities that signed the agreement considers that the other one broke the contract rules, the Citizen that represent that entity can ask for a trial.

The cost of a trial is Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD and should be paid by the entity that asks for the trial.

To ask for a trial a Citizen must post in the contract discussion the phrase: "I want to start a Trial against "$entity". Where "$entity" will be replaced with the name of the entity that is accused of contract breaching.

A Judge must analyze the request and announce a conclusion. If the conclusion says that the entity that started the trial was right, the Trial cost will be paid by the accused party to the pursuer.

The Judge will be represented by the Admin.


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