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Throughout our History, war has been a big part of developing that history. Many of the wars that happened in our world changed our course of history and affected future wars. Today we look at how war tactics developed in our New World.

In the Beginning

The first major conflict in our world was the USA-Canada War. From personal experience and behind the scenes information, I can say that speculation as to how fighting would happen was quite wrong. In the USA, fighting was believed to happen only between the neighboring regions, and that only people from those regions could fight for those regions. the Mobile Defense Teams were moved to Saint Paul in order to prepare an attack into Canada and other divisions were mobilized to Albany to surround Ontario.

Much to the citizens' surprise, all the planning came to naught. It was rapidly discovered that citizens could fight from any region, to defend any battlefield. With this discovery and first understanding of the fighting system came the Queue line tactic.

The Queue tactic was used in a fashion where all the soldiers of a country would line up for fights in the battlefield and hope that their numbers would repel any attacks. The fighting back then acted in the way that a soldier would fight in the queue until he was defeated. Then the next fighter would step up and take the next challenger. This tactic relied on the dedication and organization of military personal and was only used effectively by a few countries.

Things start to change

Shortly after the first real war broke out, the admins changed a few things on how to fight. After a soldier in the queue fought a single battle, he would move to the end of the queue if he won and let others with fresh wellness fight. The USA realized this and rapidly formed the next war tactic in order to take advantage of the change. this strategy is referred to a Decay and Destroy Tactic.

This tactic would use individual soldiers attacking soldiers in the queue line during the course of the 23 hours before the region can be conquered. This would lower the average wellness of the soldiers in the queue with their defense (or attack if you're awesome like Pakistan) still looking strong in their numbers. Finally in the final hour, before the region is conquerable, the attacking (or defending) army would launch a missive assault on the queue defense. The remaining soldier in the queue would have too low wellness to fight back successfully.

This tactic became popular and would be used in future wars. It all came down to which army was stronger or more organized in this kind of battles, so not much thinking required. Also, during this time the higher defensive bonuses implanted the idea of a War of Attrition.

This tactic was basically to preserve wellness until it was your turn to defend. The idea of this was to severely weaken the opponent until you could attack them with easy. This tactic was not used immediately, however, but was implemented in future wars.

The Precedent Has Been Set

After the show at the USA-Canada War, much of the world saw how fighting works. For quite a time many countries used the queue line and the decay and destroy tactics as it was a very basic and understandable way to fight. Many countries used this tactic in both attacking and defending. Only the most organized countries were successful in these ways of war like Pakistan and Sweden and Norway.

On May 13th The Mediterranean Alliance showed us a strategy much unlike the norm for the time. In their invasion of Switzerland they used a Divide and Conquer Tactic.

This tactic didn't have much to do with the fighting system. This tactic had to do with multiple attacks on a country. Both Italy and France declared war on Switzerland. With Switzerland having to worry about two different wars on their hands, their forces were divided which made them that much easier to conquer for the Mediterranean Alliance. The flaw with this tactic was that it cost more gold for both nations to declare war as opposed to moving soldiers to one of those countries. We have from that point on never seen that kind of tactic again.

The New Era of Fighting

Later after a few wars, the Admins released the ranking system, which would change everything in war tactics. Individuals arose from their past war victories like Alucard and Nave. Seeing the effects of rank in fights and their personal records, individuals became concerned with how many wins in fights they had. This trend showed on the battlefield and fights moved on to the Guerrilla tactics.

Guerrilla tactics involves Soldiers constantly watching the battlefield and waiting for someone weak enough to show up for them to beat. They would then join the battle and get their win. However, soldiers on the other side would be watching as well and as soon as the first soldier got his win, others would jump him after he is weak from his first fight. This would go back and fourth between sides with the number of soldiers on the field remaining around 0 for both sides. Normally once a soldier wins a fight they would quickly leave the battle for fear of a surprise attack on them from an enemy. This hit and run attack has been used in the most recent wars and will probably continue to be the trend in battles for a while more to come.

The final tactic worth mentioning

Only even used by Nave and Alucard, the Rambo Tactic has proven only to be useful to the extremely strong and/or extremely wealthy. In this tactic, one can use his superior strength and rank in attacking to wipe out foes without taking damage before retaliation occurs. Alucard uses his rank to his advantage in this way only to further increase his wins on the battlefield. The other way we have seen this tactic done is through gold and many wellness packs. In Manitoba and in Central Hungary, Nave single handedly took out the queue of soldiers defending the region through using his immense wealth to buy numerous wellness packs. Allowing him to fight over and over again with all the wellness, proves how the key to war is wealth, because even Alucard needs to buy his wellness packs at times.

No one knows what the future will bring to our war strategies, but it is safe to say that it will change at one time or another.


The Development of War Tactics - June 24th, 2008 by Uncle Sam

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