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This page has been saved as memories from the Beta version.

The information here is not the current latest information! Do not use this page to gain information!


eRepublik is an online social, political and economic mass multiplayer simulation that offers to its members' virtual fame, money and power.

Based on the free market system and social relations existent in public life, the rules of the game are, most of them, created by the users themselves.

As a citizen of eRepublik, you represent your country in the eRepublik world. Your presence in eRepublik can help your country on different domains:

  • you can work for a company or create your company - this will help you to make a fortune and will help your country's economy;
  • you can join a party or create your own party - joining a party will give you the chance to become a member in your country's Congress; while being the president of a party will make it possible to become the President of your country;
  • you can become a soldier and even a real hero for your country.

What to do?

You can start by:

Interactive Tutorials

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  • War tutorial - what occurs when war is being waged between nations
  • Fighting - what happens during a battle
  • Gold - how to get it and on what to spend it
  • Wellness - why is it important and how to have it high
Menu in eRepublik Beta

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